16 Things Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship| What Girls Really Want From Guys

There have been countless films poems songs books all written about what women want in a relationship. Its a high demand subject because it seems pretty hard to figure out but really its as simple as being observant and giving her what she needs to feel in a specific moment of time.

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1) To feel valued and to feel loved

Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship

No matter if this is at the start of a relationship or 30 years down the line this has to always be maintained for her to want to stay with you.  So you have to be affectionate and pay attention to those small details if you know she drinks soya milk in her tea and no matter where you go together the cafes and restaurants tell her that they never have soya milk then surprise her with a carton of soy milk in your car is enough to make her feel valued.

2) To have your direct attention

 Not all the time just in the moments when she needs that connection so if shes talking to you please stop scrolling on your phone and pay attention.

3)Be able to communicate maturely

Communication is so big for a woman to have in a relationship and in times of conflict and stress she wants to be able to talk and work out how to resolve something. she doesnt want to just date someone that refuses to open up and just storms out when theres an argument.

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4)To be a great listener

Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship

 A woman feels loved when she feels seen and heard and listened to this makes her world. You have to be present when she talks to you even if you dont want to hear for the fifth time how becky in the office has hogged the printer. You still need to show up and just listen and a great tip is to remember things from previous conversations and bring them up in future ones.

5) To respect other women

 Better known as Misogynism a lady wants you to respect other women your mom your female boss and of course your ex-girlfriends. She wants to feel like you are both equals both capable with no restrictions.

6)To understand her consent

 A lot of guys sadly assume that they are allowed to get their sexual needs met whenever they want in a relationship and its not an all-you-can-eat buffet. Relationships still involve calling up the restaurant and making reservations turning up with no prior warning and still demanding to get served will leave you a bad review.

7)Support and encouragement to achieve her goals

 Society even today makes women feel like they have to suppress their own needs to serve their husbands and kids. So she would love for you to encourage her to start that passion project again to change career goals and just to support her through her choices.

8)To be admired

Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship

 Respect and recognize all the great things that she does for you and other people. If she is an amazing cook then tell her if shes smashing her career goals tell her how proud you are of her, but most importantly she wants you to appreciate what she brings to your life and to show her what she means to you.

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9)To be seen (Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship)

 If a woman doesnt feel appreciated for the things that she does it will upset her but what will turn her off completely and consider a breakup is to not feel seen. She wants you to hear her when shes sad, shes not asking you to fix her but to acknowledge shes upset if you dont notice when she is emotionally hurt. She starts to worry how long it will actually take until you do notice. She begins to feel lonely and question why shes even in a relationship with you.

10)A best friend

Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship

 She doesnt just want to date you she wants to grow with you share goals and be there for you and support you. She wants to be able to talk with you like she would a best friend and feel like youve got her back and youre always there for her.

11) Sexual satisfaction

 A woman doesnt want to spend a lifetime with a man saying oh okay well good for you ill go get a towel. So put the work in to find out what she enjoys.

12)Emotional intimacy with others

A lady doesnt want you to only ever come to her with your emotional issues. She wants to be able to nurture you and help you grow without taking on the therapist or the mother role and a woman wants a man who is able to handle his own emotional needs.

13)  To feel romanced

 A quick hack of romance is to just give your lady something that is of her love language you could buy her flowers but if she isnt a gift type of person she wont truly feel loved.

 Romance is affection and makes a girl feel appreciated and comfortable and appreciation is something women constantly seek and notice quickly when you stop it.

14) To have space

 Probably a surprise for you because society makes out that women are naturally needy when in fact they arent they appreciate their space just like you and their alone time. They want a partner who isnt needy and has their own individual outside time of the relationship.

15) Be open to being wrong

 No one likes to argue and confrontation makes anyone want the ground below to open up and swallow them whole. In relationships women want to date someone who is humbled and able to admit when their behavior was not so good instead of acting defensive. Now this will build trust and shows her that you are able to take full responsibility for your own actions.

16) To feel safe

Womens Actually Wants In A Relationship

 Women want to feel like they are understood and that you have their backs now the world is toxic for males but more so for females we are told. We need to be slim in one place and curvy in the other we need to always look to groom and insta perfect and we lose value as soon as we reach a certain age. So we want to date people that appreciate us for who we are someone that makes us feel safe and comfortable to be around, and a woman wants you to be there for her not to judge her and just to be able to handle whatever life throws at you both.

so check out this book its called the five love languages by Gary Chapman and it will help you to identify how your partner wants to be loved and will give you so many ideas to keep your romantic appearances up in the relationship.

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