200 Russian Paratroopers killed|Putin aide survives Kyiv’s Shelling

200 Russian Paratroopers killed

200 Russian Paratroopers killed: Kyiv kills 200 Russian paratroopers in Luhansk. Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai said that Russian troops had set up their base in a Donbas hotel. Ukraine working to restart two Zaporizhzhia reactors. Ukraine and Russia have blamed each other for shelling the reactor, after which the energy grid was disconnected. Kyiv kills … Read more

Where to find pillager outpost in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Pillager outpost

Where to find the pillager outpost in Minecraft this post will explain what the pillager outpost is, what mobs can be found in it, the loot items, and where to find the pillager outpost. What is the pillager outpost? It is a structure that will have a watchtower and smaller structures surrounding it. The watchtower … Read more