7 New high paying jobs with excel|Work from home online jobs

High paying jobs with excel

People are making careers with Excel nowadays. So today I want to share with you seven online jobs hiring now where Microsoft Excel is the main skill required.  All right. So Im going to take these in order of complexity.

So were going to start from the easier one towards the more complex ones. And no matter your level of expertize with Microsoft Excel, there will certainly be something in this post for you.

1.Virtual Assistant

We have a virtual assistant an office assistant or an office clerk. Now, obviously, any business, big or small, will need somebody to help them organize their day to day activity.

And thats where a virtual assistant, if the business is more online or remote or an office assistant or an office clerk will come in very, very handy and will be highly appreciated.

This kind of a job will help either a manager or a small team organize themselves, make sure they arrange the dates for their holidays, will organize meetings, maybe small team events and so on.

So Microsoft Excel will definitely come in very, very handy for this kind of a job.


The second job that you can certainly do online and you will absolutely knock out of the park if you are able to master Excel, as well as probably some specific tools for this job is becoming a bookkeeper.

So obviously bookkeepers work with a lot of documents, primary documents, and keep track of everything thats going on in terms of day to day transactions within a business, within a company.

And as a bookkeeper, you will absolutely find Excel extremely, extremely helpful to keep yourself organized.

And its also, aside from QuickBooks or other small business bookkeeping tools that you will probably need to use.

Excel will come in very handy because you always have to prepare and present to either your team leader, your manager, or somebody in the business side of the company that you work for.

Certain small overviews of this is the total amount of money weve spent over the last three months or six months, or these are all the customers that we have and the amount that we weve made with them over the last year or so.

So as a bookkeeper, you will be asked for tons and tons of small reports and Excel is going to come in very, very handy and you will make an absolute stellar impression to your manager or your team if youre able to put together a small excel where you can show details and present information in a structured way.

3.Database Developer

At number three, we have a database developer. And honestly, you will be surprised to know how many companies still run their business based off of Excel.

I mean, honestly, there are still tons of companies that use paper to run their business, but thats another story coming back to the companies that use Excel to run their business.

Well, they will need advanced databases either to keep track of all their invoices or to keep track of all their customers CRM. So with Excel, you can help them develop a small database. Relational databases.

If you know how to use VBA and power pivots and macros, then you will be able to put together very good reporting for a company and build databases for whatever they want to keep track of.

And this requires a little bit more sophisticated skills when it comes to Microsoft Excel, but also it gets paid a lot, a lot better.

Obviously, you can do this one either as an employee of a company and be part of the team that develops all the reports and the databases that the company uses. Or you can offer that as a freelancer service, as a contract or a service, its up to you.

High paying jobs with excel
High paying jobs with excel

4.Online Teacher

Another kind of online job that you can do by leveraging your Microsoft Excel skills would be to be an online teacher.

Now, obviously, you can choose to do that full time if you want, or you can offer it part time as a side hustle aside from your day to day job.

So what does that mean? Well, it means that you would go either in-person or online and you would help people, maybe students, maybe children or even adults learn how to use Excel so you can have your own curriculum or you can leverage curriculums that exist already out there.

There are tons of them. Some of the platforms have their own curriculum that will propose to you and that you can leverage.

So its really, really easy and it can be quite easily achievable. Online job. If you are a master of Excel now, the place is where you can go and offer your services as an online teacher.

5.Data Analyst

What a data analyst does is pulls from tons and tons and tons of data, which every single company nowadays has a lot of.

And using power pivot typically will create reports that will help business people make sense of that data in a new way.

 Data analysts typically help businesses or business units look at data and draw insights to make decisions within their business that could be analyzing the market landscape, It could be analyzing competitors.

It could be analyzing sales of the company over a period of time and then making projections of where those could be.

 And what levels they could reach over a period of time and create projections of potential growth and so forth.

So a data analyst can be incredibly valuable for a business, and with businesses starting to look more and more into their data and understand the incredible value of their data estate, there will definitely be a lot of demand for data analysts.

So if you have already very good Microsoft Excel skills or youre willing to learn, but also your passionate about businesses and you love understanding how businesses operate and maybe you like economics or maybe youve studied economics or business, then definitely look into this one.

6.Market Analyst

This is a person that not only is very, very good with data handling and Microsoft Excel, but who is educated in marketing that could be through self-education or it could be through a certification, maybe university, maybe college degree and so forth.

So a marketing analyst would be somebody that is embedded within the marketing team of a company and is specialized in analyzing data.

This person can look either within the company at, lets say, campaigns and their performance and conversion rate and so forth could be monitoring the entire sales funnel of a company and understand where there are blockers and use data to optimize and predict their results of a certain campaign based on historic data.

 Or they can look externally, they can look at the market, they can do research on competitors and so forth, and then can use that overlay with the internal data of that company.

So a marketing analyst is something that could be extremely exciting and very, very fun.

If you are somebody whos passionate about marketing, you want to learn more about that and you want to bring in your Excel skills to really not that out of the park.

7.Purchase Manager

Next we have a purchase manager and this is known under different names depending on the company. It can be a supply manager, it can be a procurement manager.

But lets call that purchasing managers and what this type of a role typically does is they are in touch with tons of suppliers that have tons of product that they will buy from in order to either use in that company or resell.

And youll find this kind of jobs typically within FMCG companies. So fast moving consumer goods or in retail companies.

Now, for retail, that can be brick and mortar, traditional retail or it can be online retail.

So here were even talking about companies that operate in the Dropshipping space with Amazon, FBA or Shopify.

Even in that case, you will be working with a lot of suppliers that the company you work for will source products from in order to then sell further through Amazon, FBA, through Shopify or through their online store, a dedicated one.

Now if you want to do this kind of a job, Mastering Excel is going to be very, very helpful.

 Because as I said, you will be in touch with tons of suppliers, each of them having tons of product, and you need to know how much inventory you have, how much more you need to order when your inventory is going to run out, how much earlier in advance you need to order how to track your orders and so forth.

So having either very good skills of Excel or being able to build your own little database is going to come in very, very handy and it will allow you to do your job so much easier and so much better.

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