Allay in Minecraft: see details of the new mob and more game news

Allay in Minecraft :
Allay is the newest Minecraft mob announced during the Minecraft Live digital event . In addition to the creature, other updates provided by Mojang , including “Caves & Cliffs Part 2”, which will arrive in the coming months, and “The Wild Update”, scheduled to arrive in 2022. Finally, the versions Minecraft’s Bedrock and Java will be available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC starting in November. Remember that the game is also available for PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , Android and iPhone ( iOS ).

Allay in Minecraft

The little monster Allay was the winner of a Twitter user poll conducted by Mojang. Besides him, other mobs that were in contention were Glare, a creature that gets moody in the dark, and the Copper Golem, which has the ability to age until it becomes a statue.

Allay is a small flying creature that works in the player’s favor by picking up specific items that are nearby. Mojang revealed that the creature is a music fan and will be found near musical blocks. Allay comes to the game in 2022 as part of “The Wild Udpate”.

Allay in Minecraft


The Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update arrives in the coming months, but no date has been announced yet. The novelty will alter the game’s existing worlds, adding an extra layer, underground. The new caves will be more spacious and some will have special biomes with unique enemies and items.

Despite this, one of the new biomes announced, Deep Dark, will only arrive with Allay, in “The Wild Update” scheduled for 2022. The mob The Warden will also be added to the game only next year. To make up for the delay, Mojang revealed that it has expanded the region, which now features ruined underground cities.

The Wild Update will bring a makeover of the swamps, with new creatures like frogs and fireflies and a new tree introduced from the mangrove, the Mangrove. In addition, the biome will have a new type of block, known as mud: to create it, just wet a block of earth. The user will also find a boat with a trunk to allow for easier navigation through the swamp and to help carry the collected items.

Minecraft Dungeons

The Minecraft Dungeons game also received attention from Mojang during the online stream. The developer announced a new update to the title, called Seasonal Adventures. The update arrives at the end of 2021 and will have both free and paid content.

The new adventures take place after Orb of Dominance and will be permanent, despite the name indicating something seasonal. Anyway, the game will have seasons added eventually.

In addition, users will also have access to “The Tower” mode. In it, players start with a new character and go up 30 floors of challenges with unique mobs. Finally, completing quests in Seasonal Adventures will also reward players with Adventures Points that can be used to acquire pets, emotes, capes and flairs.


Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2 release date

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