Where to find azalea tree in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

This post is going to explain where to find azalea trees in minecraft. In this post i will explain finding azalea trees, where they generate, what blocks make up the azalea tree and how to grow an azalea tree.

 What blocks make up the azalea tree

The trunk of an azalea tree is made up of oak logs and the canopy is composed of azalea leaves and flowering azalea leaves.

 The azalea tree will have roots that go down from the azalea tree. These are represented by rooted dirt blocks. If there is space under the rooted dirt blocks there can be hanging roots hanging from the bottom of a rooted dirt block in the lush cave biome.

 Where to find the azalea trees

 Azalea trees can be found above the lush cave biome. The surface above the lush cave biome will be forested. So azalea trees will most likely be found in forests.

Azalea trees will indicate the areas that a lush cave biome will be below the surface. The roots or rooted dirt blocks will extend down to indicate this. If you follow the rooted dirt blocks down this will lead you down to a lush cave biome.

 The azalea trees can also appear underground above the lush cave biome if there is enough room.

Growing azalea tree

For azaleas the saplings are azaleas and flowering azaleas are like mini trees or bushes. When you apply bone meal to both of them they will grow into an azalea tree.

 To get these you will need to get moss blocks. When you use bone meal on moss blocks within a 3×3 to 7×7 area. It has a 10% chance to generate azaleas and 5% to generate flowering azaleas.

Where to find azalea tree in Minecraft
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Getting moss blocks

There are three ways to get moss blocks:

  1. One is from the wandering trader they have a trade of two moss blocks for an emerald. This is one of the 42 possible trades that can fill 5 slots of the wandering traders traits.
  2.  The other spot is the shipwreck. shipwrecks generated in all ocean biomes the supply chest which is at the front of the shipwreck has a 42.1% chance of having 1-4 moss blocks. The shipwreck can have parts of the ship missing so it may not generate with this chest.
  3. The moss blocks can also be found in the ceiling walls and floors in the lush cave biome. 

 How do azaleas and flowering azaleas work

 Both can be placed on grass, dirt, coarse dirt, pods, moss blocks, farmland and clay. This can be broken instantly using any tool or by hand.

 As they are flowers azaleas and flowering azaleas interact the same with bees as other flowers. Birch and oak saplings that grow into trees that are within 2 blocks of flowering azaleas and azaleas have a 5%  chance to have a bees nest with 1-3 bees in it.

This chance is the same as trees in planes or sunflower biome. When you apply bone meal they will turn into azalea trees. Azaleas can also be used as fuel in the furnace and smelt 0.5 items.

How do azalea leaves and flowering azalea leaves work

To harvest leaves from an azalea tree you want to use either shears or a silktouch enchanted tool. If you dont do this this will break the leaves which have drops like sticks apples azaleas and flowering azaleas.

There is a 5% chance to get azaleas and flowering azaleas from breaking leaves if you use a tool with a fortune enchantment that increases the potential drops. This can increase your chance of getting azaleas and flowering azaleas.

The maximum level of fortune is 3. At level 3 fortune there is a 10% chance to get azaleas and flowering azaleas from breaking leaves.

How do rooted dirt and hanging roots work

Rooted dirt extends down from the azalea trees. You can also buy 2 rooted dirt blocks for an emerald from a wandering trader.

If you use bone meal on the azalea to grow an azalea tree this will turn the block under the azalea tree into a rooted dirt block.

Rooted dirt can be mined with any tool or without a tool and drops the rooted dirt block. Neither grass nor mycelium can spread to rooted dirt turning it into them.

 If you place a block above the rooted dirt it wont become dirt and will stay a rooted dirt block. If you use a shovel on rooted dirt it can turn into a dirt path block.

 Plants cant be placed on rooted dirt if you use bone meal on a rooted dirt block and there is a space below the block it will generate hanging roots on the bottom of the block.

 Hanging roots can only be found in the lush cave biome. If you use a hoe on the rooted dirt block this will turn the block into dirt and drop a hanging root.

Hanging roots can be placed on the bottom of a block. If you break the hanging root with a tool or by hand it will destroy the hanging root. If you use shears this will drop the hanging root.

The composter and blocks in the azalea tree

Many of the new blocks from the azalea tree can be used in the composter. The composter allows you to put items in it and increase the compost level.

 The maximum level is 8. When it reaches level 7 it goes to level 8 and produces one piece of bone meal.

 The hanging roots and azalea leaves have a 30% chance to increase the compost level. Flowering azalea leaves have a 50% chance azaleas have a 65% chance flowering azaleas have an 85% chance.

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