Top 5 Best Bouldering Crash Pad |Buying guide 2022

In this article, I will be looking at the top five Bouldering Crash Pads available on the market today and will tell you which one is best for you!

My review is based on quality, features, and value for money, giving you the best advice to help you.

 So, here are the top five Best Bouldering Crash Pads.

Are you in a hurry then have a quick look?

Petzl Alto

Ocun Dominator FTS

Mad Rock Mad Pad

Metolius Magnum

Black Diamond Impact

Mad Rock Mad Pad

When free climbing and bouldering, the risk of injury from falling is high; even if you dont drop that far, uneven ground can be enough to put you out of action for weeks.

 Thats why you need the Mad Rock Mad Pad with its cushy five inches of foam padding to catch you when things get difficult.

Its also a crash pad that converts into an oversized lounge chair whenever it is time to relax between sessions. I like that it is a great budget option with a versatile and functional bouldering pad.

It is an ideal tool for those who want something transportable, firm, durable, and that can withstand wear and tear. Another advantage is that it features a 1-3-1 construction, making the Mad Pad the highball pad of choice.

 It has adjustable backpack straps with a waist belt and chest strap, which makes this pad a breeze to carry. The EZ attachment straps ensure that you are connected securely to others for a seamless landing zone.

Additionally, the aircraft-grade aluminum buckles are also very durable, so you can drag it around without an issue.

So if you want a bit more peace of mind on your next ropeless practice climb, this is a great option.


* It has a five-inch foam construction that is resistant to degradation

* It can be folded and turned into a lounge chair: And

* It has an adjustable backpack strap which makes it travel-friendly


* It doesnt have a very large surface area.

The Mad Rock Mad Pad is an excellent option if you need a crash pad thats durable and easy to carry.

Black Diamond Impact

This Crash Pad is designed so falls from shorter heights are never an issue again. It uses closed-cell PE foam on the bottom with a durable PU-coated 600D ripstop polyester for abrasion and water resistance to hold up against the daily climb grind.

I like that it is a simple, bare-bone crash pad constructed from quality high-impact absorbing foam. This pad makes ideal supplemental protection with a larger pad and easily protects against back-slapping from low walls.

It also folds in half for transport and features a suspension system with improved buckles that helps with carrying down tails to and from the rock.

Another advantage is that it is an excellent choice for young kids who are not big enough to lug a Mondo out of their activities.

Its low weight also makes it a fantastic choice for boulderers with a long hike ahead of them.

I particularly like that it is made with a remodel design, which includes premium multi-density foam layup and is ready for everything from entry-level use to daily training circuits.

Lastly, the two-side grab handles allow you to quickly shuffle when spotting.


* It is water resistant, so it can withstand bad weather.

* It is pretty lightweight with a suspension strap system for easier carrying. : And * It is built with multi-density foam, making it effective for a wider range of fall heights.


*The lower shoulder strap attachment points pull at the shell fabric, which doesnt bode well for long-term durability.

The Black Diamond Impact is a fantastic pad if you know theres going to be a fair hike before you reach your destination.

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Bouldering Crash pad
Bouldering crash pad(credit:YouTube)

Petzl Alto

This next crash pad is made to solve all the common problems and complaints from previous crash pad designs.

People often use their crash pad as a backpack, but many dont work well because stuff could fall from the bottom or the sides.

The Petzl Alto resolved this problem by adding a zipper lining on three sides, leaving the top open but keeping your stuff safely inside.

One thing you dont want is dirt to get on the straps when you place them on the ground to use, but once again, Petzl Alto has a solution.

When you unzip the pad, the cover folds back over the straps to keep any dirt or mud off. That way, when you need to strap back in, all the dirt is only on the outer case.

It has two different layers of closed-cell foam and around the layers of open-cell foam make a dense, durable landing zone that will not bottom out.

The closed-cell foam is also wrapped around the outside and the added straps. Which allows this to be converted into a chair for use around a campfire.

This all makes it an incredibly convenient option for weekends spent finding awesome bouldering spots.


* It has an added zipper that keeps things inside.

* It has straps that fold back when opened, preventing them from getting dirty: And

* It can be converted into a chair for when going camping.


* I would have liked a handle between the top of the shoulder straps to aid in taking the pad off and on when in pack mode.

The Petzl Alto is a superb crash pad with some very handy features to make your time spent getting to a climbing location easier.

Ocun Dominator FTS

Bouldering crash pads have come a long way since we used to drag around an old mattress or chuck a few towels on the floor.

This unit is one of the highest impact-absorbing pads in the climbing world, yet also one of the lightest.

It is designed for the falls that might come with the world of climbing highball boulders.

This crash pad is made for the most demanding boulderers thanks to the patented FTS block with inner padding, which increases energy absorption during a fall.

While regular boulder mats absorb falls best in their center and have the likelihood to sink in the middle over time, because of its vertical construction, the Dominator is equally effective in absorbing falls in all places, even along the edges.

Additionally, because it is not made of foam layers, it wont become compacted over time, so it never loses its effectiveness.

I also like that the weight of the pad has been reduced by about 20% compared to traditional pads and that it offers two different ways of opening.

Lastly, carrying it is more comfortable thanks to the shoulder straps, which are made of WeBee padding.


* It is a high-impact-absorbing pad that keeps you safe while training.

* It is designed so that no matter where you fall, your shock is absorbed: And

* It is surprisingly light despite its size.


* It is a quite slippery material on the base, which can be an issue on some surfaces.

The Ocun Dominator FTS is a very durable and well-designed unit thats suitable for both beginners and veterans in need of something they can rely on.

Metolius Magnum

This product is perfect for climbers who like to boulder by themselves and dont always have someone to move the pad for them.

This thing is huge and has a sandwich foam design for excellent impact absorption with a one-foot closed-cell, top layer, 2.5 feet open cell center, and ½ feet closed cell and base layer.

The angled cut hinges also reduce the troublesome gutter found in other designs, and theres even a small external stash pocket and a larger inner pocket to provide a place to store things like shoes and chalk bags.

Moreover, I like that the closure flap reverses to cover the shoulder straps when its laid out, while the plush padded shoulder straps and dual sets of drag handles offer you many carrying options.

Another advantage is that the Magnum makes a fantastic crag bed for car camping as its pretty supportive and comfortable.

Overall, for those of us that like to push our limits when we climb, this is a great crash pad as its heavy-duty enough to provide peace of mind when bouldering.


* It is made with a tri-fold design that makes it easy to carry.

* It has shoulder straps that are reversible when being used.

* It has a large surface area, so it doesnt need to be moved around much: And

* It is made of high-quality materials, so you know it will last for years to come.


* Its bulkier-than-average design obviously makes it more tiring to hike with.

The Metolius Magnum is a brilliant bouldering crash pad that offers everything a climber could want in terms of effectiveness and ease of use.

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