Best car speakers for highs

Best car speaker for your car

Car speakers are the most important part of your car if you are a music freak then you will definitely understand the importance of the speaker. Now almost all the car comes with a decent stereo music system so if you want to upgrade your speaker for your car just scroll down the page you will get the most perfect speaker for your car. So we will give you the best speakers for your car.

Here are some of our pickup best speaker for your car

1. Best car speaker: Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 Inch 180W 3 Way Coaxial Speakers Stereo Car Audio

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 comes in the first place if you are looking for high-quality bass you can grab this product it comes with new screws, screen, and extra wires. R165x3 is a 6.50″ 3-way full-range speaker wattage 180 watts RMS which are quite good for a speaker to give you a perfect bass.

key features

  • kit includes with two speakers and grills, integrated high-pass
  • watts: 180 watts
  • it is a 3way car audio coaxial speaker stereo.

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2. Best car speaker: Kicker D-Series 43DSC69304 360 watts 3-way car audio coaxial speakers 6×9 inches

If you are looking for a high bass quality Speaker than this product will be the best for you kicker D series 43DSC69304 comes with enough 360 watts. The DS four-Inch triaxial speaker is a great way to upgrade the sound of your car. By using just only zero protrusion PEI tweeters ensure you get every bit of clarity that you need.

Key features

  • It has 360 watts of Peak power.
  • RMS : 90 watts
  • 30-20k of (HZ)
  • woofer inch: 6×9 mid inch:1.75 tweeter inch :0.5

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3. Best car speaker: JBL A352HI 350W

Finally, the boss is here with the most powerful strong bass it has 350 watts. Now enjoy the signature JBL sound at a very attractive price. As in the Indian market JBL company in leading the industry. This will be my choice because this is the most affordable speaker that you will get in the market which has almost all the features that are required by you.

Key Feature

  • 6-1/2 coaxial speaker
  • max power of 350w with 47w RMS
  • IMPP-Injection-molded polypropylene
  • PEI balanced dome tweeter
  • 55HZz to 20k Hz

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4. Best car speaker: Pioneer TS-6965v3 3-way car speaker

we do a lot of research in order to bring you the best product and state of art production to give you the best facilities. This speaker comes with the buttress ring which helps the woofer to reproduce bass sound without any loss under any high volume input. If your previous speaker has been damaged due to improper covered of your speaker but do not worry because you will be getting a full covered grill which prevents physical damage and deliver a long lusting high endurance.

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