4 uses for Blaze Rods in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Uses for Blaze Rods in Minecraft

This post is going to explain the 4 uses for blaze rods in Minecraft.

How to get blaze rods in Minecraft

Lets start with where to get blaze rods. It is an item that drops when you kill a blaze. Blazes can be found in the nether specifically in the nether fortress at a light level of 11 or less or from spawners on platforms in the nether fortress.

When you kill a blaze they drop 10 XP and theres a 50% chance of them dropping one blaze rod. If you have a looting enchantment on the sword this can increase the amount of blaze rods that can drop.

The maximum level of looting is 3. At level 3 you can get 4 blaze rods.

The uses for the blaze rods are:

Blaze powder

In the crafting grid, one blaze rod can be turned into two blaze powder. Blaze powder has several different uses blaze powder can be crafted with an ender pearl to get an eye of ender that can be thrown to find a stronghold also it can be placed in the end portal frame in a stronghold to activate the end portal to travel to the end dimension.

 The blaze powder can also be crafted with charcoal or coal and gunpowder to craft 3 fire charges. Fire charges can be used as a substitute for flint or steel fired from a dispenser as a weapon or crafted with fireworks start to get a large ball explosion effect.

Blaze powder can be crafted with slime to get magma cream. Mango cream can be distilled into an awkward potion to get a potion of fire resistance that makes you immune from fire damage for 3 minutes 4 magma creams can be crafted into a magma block.

The blaze powder is integral for brewing potions. It is used in the brewing stand as fuel and does 20 operations. Blaze powder is the only fuel that can be used in the brewing stand.

Blaze powder can be distilled into an awkward potion to get the potion of strength this will increase the melee damage by 3 in java edition and 130% in bedrock edition for 3 minutes.

 Blaze powder is a valuable item for crafting and brewing.

Brewing stand

The crafting recipe for the brewing stand is a blaze rod and 3 stone tier blocks so this can be black stone or cobblestone.

The brewing stand can be used to turn an unemployed villager into a cleric. With clerics, the items they can buy from you are rotten flesh gold ingots rabbits feet scoot glass bottles, and nether warts.

The cleric will also sell Redstone dust lapis lazuli glowstone and her pearls and bottles of chanting.

Blaze Rods in Minecraft

The brewing stand can also be used by the player to brew potions in the above image of the brewing stand you can see in the left slot is for fuel or specifically for blaze powder, the top slot is for the item you want to distill and the bottom three slots are for water bottles or potions.

 You can distill specific items into water bottles or potions to create potions with different effects.

 End rod

The crafting recipe is a blaze rod and a popped chorus fruit crafts four end rods. The popped chorus fruit is from the coarse plants that can be broken in the end dimension that drop coarse fruit.

 The coarse fruit can be smelted to get 0.1 XP and a popped chorus fruit. The end rod emits a light level of 14, the end rod can be used as a decoration and can be placed in different orientations it can also be used for parkour for staircases or for decorative lighting.


The blaze rod can be placed in the furnace and can smell 12 items. The blaze rod is the 4th best fuel behind a lava bucket block of coal or dried kelp block. The blaze rod is stackable as fuel and a stack of blaze rods can smell 768 items.

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