How to breathe underwater in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Wondering how to breathe underwater in Minecraft this post is going to explain to you the enchantments, gear, potions, and blocks that can increase the amount of time you breathe underwater.

Length of breathing underwater

In Minecraft, the length of time that you can breathe underwater is 15 seconds after you will start to drown and take 2 damage every second until you get out of water or replenish your air.

Respiration enchantment

  • The first way to increase the length that you can breathe underwater is with the respiration enchantment.
breathe underwater in Minecraft
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  •  This is also an enchantment for the helmet and the turtle shell. It increases the breathing time by 15 seconds per level of the enchantment.
  •  The maximum level is 3 at level 3 it will increase the breathing time by 45 seconds.

Turtle shell

breathe underwater in Minecraft
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The next one is the turtle shell so this is a helmet that you can craft from scute and if youre wondering what scute is it is an item that turtles shell when they go from baby turtles to adults.

 You can get this item by killing turtles, the crafting recipe is 5 scutes creates 1 turtle shell.

The turtle shell when worn will give you 10 seconds of water breathing

The turtle shell helmet enchanted with respiration could give you up to 70 seconds of breathing underwater, 70 seconds isnt a long time to be able to breathe underwater but it can allow you to do short tasks that you need to do underwater.

Bubble columns (breathe underwater in Minecraft)

breathe underwater in Minecraft
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  • These are columns created in water from magma blocks or soul sand at the bottom of a column of water they will drag you in a direction.
  • Magma blocks create a whirlpool that will drag you down and has a range of 86 blocks.
  • Soul sand creates an upward bubble column that pushes you up.  What these bubble columns will do is when you enter them they will replenish your air at the same rate as if you left water.
  • There are air bubbles in these columns that allow you to breathe. In java edition, all the water blocks in a bubble column have to be source blocks. What this means is all of the blocks in the column either have to be naturally generated water or you have to place each block of water in a column.
  • If you have flowing water what you can do is you can place kelp blocks in each block and this will turn the flowing water into source blocks.
  • Bubble columns are best used for item transportation or mob transportation it isnt the best way to replenish your air since it will drag you in a certain direction.

Water breathing potion

breathe underwater in Minecraft
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  • The next way to breathe underwater in Minecraft is a water breathing as you can see in the picture for the brewing stand the left slot is where you place the fuel,   the only fuel you can use is blaze powder, the top slot is for the item you want to distill, and the bottom 3 slots is either for water bottles or potions that you want to distill items into.
  • If you want to create a potion of water breathing youll first need to put a water bottle in the bottom 3 slots, youll have to distill nether warts into the water bottle to create an awkward potion this is a base potion that can allow you to create effects on that potion.
  • Next distill the puffer fish item in the top slot the easiest way to get puffer fish is by fishing with an unenchanted fishing rod. Theres an 11% chance to catch 1, other ways are by killing a puffer fish 1 will drop and guardians and elder guardians have a very small percentage chance of dropping a fish when killed.
  • The water breathing potion when taken will give you water breathing status effect for 3 minutes.This means you can breathe under water and it delays drowning.
  • If you want to increase the length of a potion you can distill redstone dust into the potion of water breathing to increase the duration to 8 minutes.
  • This is a good option for breathing under water as you have 8 minutes to do the tasks you need to do or keep consuming water breathing potions.

Conduit (breathe underwater in Minecraft)

breathe underwater in Minecraft
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  • The last way to breathe underwater in Minecraft is a conduit. The recipe for a conduit is the heart of the sea and 8 nautilus shells. The heart of the sea can be found in buried treasure a map to find the buried treasure can be found in a shipwreck.
  • The  nautilus shell can be found by fishing killing drowned and trading with wandering traders fishing with luck of the sea 3 gives you a 1.9 chance of getting nautilus shells and theres a 3% chance of a drown can spawn with nautilus shell which they will drop if killed.
  • Once you crafted the conduit it has to be in a 3x3x3 area of water to be activated. The conduit will pause your oxygen and give underwater night vision emit 15 light level and increase the underwater mining speed also they do damage to hostile mobs like drowned or guardians within 8 blocks of the conduit.
  • To extend the range of the conduit youll have to put 3 5×5 frames around the conduit. These frames have to be made of prismarine, dark prismarine,  prismarine bricks, or sea lanterns basically blocks from the ocean monuments.
  • With 16 blocks of frames around the conduit the range will be 32 blocks and the maximum range is 96 blocks when all the blocks for the frame are around the conduit which is 42 blocks in total.
  • Conduits are the best way to breathe underwater in an area for farms mining or if you have an underwater base.

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