How to light a candle in Minecraft| Easy and simple way

Wondering how to light a candle in Minecraft this post is going to explain how to get candles, the crafting recipe for different types of candles, and how candles work.

The candle is a new block and the 1.17 update caves and cliffs this information is based on the latest snapshot at this point it is not in the game and is only available in snapshots if there are any changes to candles I will post a new post with updated information.

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The crafting recipes

 The crafting recipe for the candle is a honeycomb and a string crafts an uncolored candle.  Honeycomb can be acquired by shearing a bee nest or hive when it reaches honey level 5 this is visible as the beehive will be dripping with honey.

candle in Minecraft

Placing a campfire under the hive when shearing avoids the bee nest being angered and attacking you.  Beehives can be found in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests,  wooded hills,  tall birch forests,  birch forest hills, and tall birch hills.

Where to find String?

The string can be found by killing spiders, cave spiders, striders, in chest loot, fishing,  bartering with piglins,  and gifts from tamed cats.

With the candle, you can also diet to the 16 different colors in Minecraft. To dye an uncolored candle craft a dye and an uncolored candle to get that colored candle.

How candles work

candle in Minecraft
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The candle is a light source they are similar to sea pickles in some ways.  One candle will have a light source of three you can place up to four of the same colored candle in one block

 This will increase the light to six with two candles nine with three candles and twelve with four candles when placed.

How to light a candle in Minecraft

  • To light the candle you can use flint and steel, fire charge, or flaming projectile. When the candles are lit they emit smoke particles similar to a torch.
  • To extinguish the candle you can use water a bowl or use your hand similar to extinguishing fire.
  • To get the candle to drop as an item you can use any tool or use your hand the candle can be waterlogged however it cannot be lit.

Candle cake ( candle in Minecraft)

candle in Minecraft
  • A candle can also be placed on an uneaten cake to turn it into a candle cake
  •  Only one candle can be put on the cake and once the cake is eaten or destroyed the candle will drop as an item
  •  The candle is a decorative light source and could be useful for builders to create ambiance i can see this being a very useful block for medieval belt. 

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