23 Changes in 1.17 Minecraft Update you may missed

Changes in 1.17 Minecraft Update

Changes You May Missed in 1.17 Minecraft Update caves and cliffs update brings along some pretty big status changes and while everyone talks about those some of the smaller tweaks might get neglected.

So lets get caught up to speed and see exactly what changed in the update.

1. Shulker boxes

Shulker boxes are a crucial item to get your hands on but while theyre great for storage theyre not the best for item security. For an example if you took all of your best valuables and enchanted tools into this one box then if you dropped it into lava or something all of it would get destroyed even if it was nether right.

But now we might have a chance to save some in 1.17 a shulker box will pop when destroyed allowing some of the items to escape the danger.

2. The grass path blocks

Grass path blocks can add a nice bit of detail to any roads they plan on making but since its addition its been quite annoying to work with. Since you can only make this path block with grass if you broke the block and then placed it back with dirt you need to wait for the grass to spread before you even fix it well thats no longer an issue since you can now make this with dirt coarse dirt puzzle and mycelium.

3. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is kind of the odd one out when it comes to minecraft minerals I mean its arguably the least useful since its just for enchanting and dying and its by no means the most rare hard to find.

Mojing seems to have fixed one bit of separation in the recent update and now instead of crafting nine lapis into a lapis lazuli block its called a block of lapis lazuli to match the other minerals.

4. Rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb for Minecraft is that if its thin and you place it on the floor its bound to break to water. In the case for redstone string and rails or at least it used to be but rails are starting to look a bit different.

 Now in 1.17 were actually able to waterlog these things meaning not only can we build underwater roller coasters but they also dont break with water next to them like such and thats a welcome change Im sure.

5. The clock

Im gonna go out on a limb and guess that the clock isnt one of your most used items I mean its costly it only works in one dimension and it just gets annoying to take the time to check it even seems like Mojang didnt want to look at this item.

 Given how its texture was unchanged even in the so-called texture update of 1.14 but now its shading and colors have been brought up to speed and i gotta say its looking a lot nicer to boot.

6. An elytra

Anyone who has an elytra has had this problem because while the wings are great the fuel isnt necessarily as fun to figure out.

Sure you can farm both the paper and the gunpowder necessary for your firework rockets but when it comes to actually crafting the process slows way down.

Since the recipe book had no way to quick craft this item you couldnt just do the chore in one go but from now on a tier one rocket is craft able like so and Im glad to see it.

7. Pufferfish, Nausea

 Although pufferfish are great in water-breathing potions its not a bright idea to consume one of these things but as it turns out Mojing has slowly been dampening their effects across the recent updates.

 In 1.16.2 it was made to give nausea 1 instead of nausea 2  and now with this one the poison has been halved from 4 down to 2 and while the level of nausea doesnt affect its potency this change to the poison actually makes these a lot easier to swallow.

8. Weird sight

 Minecrafts credits are historically a weird sight to see going on for a total of 27 minutes and 15 seconds its hard to even sit through the thing.

I cant even say Ive tried to read more than the first line I always just skip it and move on but if you want to give it a go the new update makes it a bit easier and  by holding down the space bar you can speed at the playback of the end.

9. Suspicious stew

 Suspicious stew can be quite the toss-up unless you know how to play your cards right if youre smart with your flowers then you can essentially make these into discount potions for regen saturation and more but up until now you couldnt use them on a full stomach.

Though in current versions of the game were able to slurp these down without a hassle even if the hunger bar is full letting you get some night vision even if youre stuffed.

10. Ingot added

 Along with 1.17 Minecraft got a new ingot added to the mix and with that the community is of course looking for ways to farm the stuff.

I mean weve already got gold and iron farms so a copper farm is inevitable unfortunately the drown now gives us that chance. In the current update this mob now has a chance drop of a copper ingot instead of its gold one which is nice but im guessing its pretty rusty after being down in the water.

11.The sword

If youre the sword that likes to hunt for your food then fire aspect is a must. Trust me its a lot less hassle than running around with a flint and steel but while weve previously just used these for the pigs cows and sheep that we keep the farm. This enchant got a lot more useful for monsters.

If you kill a husk zombie or zombie villager with this and it happens to drop a potato itll be baked instead giving you a much better food source if you happen to get it.

12. Minecraft mobs

Most Minecraft mobs like to stay a certain size I mean theres the giant but thats not much of an implementation.

 As of the caves and cliffs update slimes can now be summoned with a maximum size of 128 which is just ridiculous and with a wonky hitbox to boot this is truly a sight  that you got to see.

13. Graphical quirks

Minecraft has had its fair share of graphical quirks so to speak and a long-running one was the result of combining the absorption effect with something that changes your hearts like poison.

In that case youd normally just see the extra hearts as empty even though they still function like they were full well now that discrepancy has been cleared up.

 Since even when youre poisoned those hearts will now show their usual yellow texture though worth noting is that the wither effect will still make those black which i guess is fair.

14. Texture update

 To Mojangs credit the 1.17 update seems to clean up a chunk of texture inconsistencies and im sure you can thank the vanilla tweaks team for bringing some of those to the forefront and among them one that im sure that builders will be happy to see is that signs now match the plancks texture from 1.14 before now they still have the old plank texture even though they were added in in the same update as the so-called texture update but better late than never.

15.  The replace command

 The replace item command can be a lot of fun to play around with whether thats giving yourself an enrod unicorn horn or putting a command block on a zombies head there are a lot of silly applications here.

 Though as fun as it is the replace item command no longer exists in 1.17 and while thats technically true its just been replaced with the other command slash item replace and honestly im not sure why it changed but its worth a heads up

16. Orbs(Changes in 1.17 Minecraft Update)

If youve ever killed a bunch of mobs at an xp grinder then youre well and aware that these orbs could cause a ton of lag.

 So thankfully the carpet mod team had a feature that would allow experience orbs to combine into larger entities so that you didnt have as many on screen.

 And while it was a great solution it was only a third party that is until now where in recent versions the orbs will actually merge to cut down on entity count and its a nice touch for sure.

17. Redstone

If youve played around in a redstone testing world then youve come across this annoyance because even though redstone dust and torches are the majority of what we use they were scattered among the bottom of the list and folks scrolling down to find them was just an inconvenience without a purpose.

 So thankfully going forward well be able to find the higher priority blocks and items right along the top of the chart saving us some seconds and making the whole process a lot smoother.

18. Dark Mode

 Dark mode is all the rage these days from your discord to your desktop its the main way that we operate and while there are texture packs that add in things like a dark mode inventory mojing also threw their hat in the ring with this update.

 Now its possible to go into the accessibility settings and enable a dark mode monochromatic start screen which is going to make playing late at night a lot easier on the eyes.

19. Spectator mode

 Spectator mode is supposed to be the premiere option for seeing every nook and cranny that the game has to offer which is why its weird that up until now we couldnt even see through lava.

 But rest assured anyone playing in this game mode can now see just fine in a lava lake and honestly this change seems like it was made for the 1.16 nether update but I guess its still nice to have and Im sure well get plenty of cool camera angles in the caves.

20. Multiplayer server

 When youre playing on a multiplayer server it could be a big headache when someone goes Afk because if they arent sleeping you arent sleeping.

 Now the phantoms are going to be a problem for everyone.

So luckily the communitys prayers were answered allowing for the game rule players sleeping percentage with this you can just set how many players you need to sleep to morning and while its 100 by default i imagine most of us will bump that down significantly .

21. nbt

If you take the time nbt data could be a lot of fun to mess around with and fortunately 1.17 added even more fuel to that fire if you want to call it that.

 Now its possible to give entities the tag has visual fire which does right as it says on the tin.

 With this you can make an entity look like its on fire but it wont take damage or burn the same as a real flame and while Im not sure its practical it is weird enough to try.

22. The Anvil

 Sure the anvil is a great item but its definitely got its share of limitations and while most of us are familiar with the too expensive limit on level costs there also exists a character limit for item names.

 Though the problem started be that some items that were added in already had too long of a name such as the new wax lightly weathered cut copper stairs at 41 characters so to avoid that hassle the limit has now been changed from 35 characters right up to 50.

23. Biggest changes in this update

 Probably one of the biggest changes in this update is also quite likely to go under appreciated because for so long Minecraft has run off the java 8 release from back in 2014 and to put that in perspective were now on java 16 for the standard version.

So thankfully 1.17 allows us to run the game in the new version which will not only help for performance but also help the modding community use some more modern features.

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