20 cool things to build in Minecraft

20 cool things to build in Minecraft

Minecraft is an adventure game that uses building elements in its journey, so users can build great foundations to protect themselves or just for fun. It is possible to create using the right blocks and a little patience.

There are some extra options for players who are only focused on building. When creating a world, it is possible to select Creative Mode, in which there is no adventure but gives the user unrestricted access to building blocks.

Another option available, too, is the Pacific difficulty mode, in which enemies will not appear in the game, but animals and other neutral creatures will remain on the scene. Finally, it is worth mentioning the Superplane world, which, as the name suggests, has a completely flat area to prevent rough terrain from limiting your constructions.

In Minecraft, the only limit is your own imagination (and your ability to visualize, draw, sense of space, etc). So if youre looking for ideas to compliment your world or just to test your building skills, check below 20 very interesting suggestions for you to put together and brag about later.

1. Castles

Part of Minecrafts atmosphere harks back to a fantasy medieval period, with swords and dragons, so erecting a castle can be a great option to base yourself on.

 Blocks like Pedregulho and other types of stone help to give a more rustic appearance, however, for a better finish, it is recommended to use Stone Bricks. They can be decorated and sometimes even have a little moss, which gives a more aged look.

2. Christ the Redeemer

Probably the biggest postcard, Christ the Redeemer is a great challenge for those who want to start creating real constructions within Minecraft.

3. Coliseum

One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Coliseum is one of the most popular tourist spots on the planet. Big in size, small in complexity, wed say its not even that hard to play in Minecraft.

4. Pyramids

This is a very simple construction to erect and that generates a good visual result when finished. To make a pyramid, just start with a square of blocks and gradually move up one level while reducing its perimeter.

Sandstone is a good material to give a look similar to real-world pyramids, but nothing prevents the player from using other materials. However, the inside of the pyramid offers far less space than the outside suggests.

5. Eiffel Tower

cool things to build in Minecraft
Credit:ligadosgames. Com

Following the world-famous postcards, the Eiffel Tower is another one that doesnt require great skills to be made in Minecraft. The image above shows a beautiful example that, despite being very simple, immediately brings us back to the original.

6. Statue of Liberty

Increasing the difficulty level a lot, the Statue of Liberty requires a lot more skills to be made in Minecraft, especially because it requires human proportions. Even so, can you imagine all these postcards next to each other?

7. Tree Houses

One of the most popular ideas in the game, tree houses allows the player to stay safe from many of Minecrafts monsters and also bring an adventurous atmosphere.

A good idea is to connect your house with more trees nearby and plant some new ones if necessary.

By putting together several seedlings, one next to the other, it is possible to create larger trees and, consequently, more interesting to convert into houses. A good tip is to build your construction in the jungle biome, which offers more possibilities for vegetation.

8. McDonald’s

If you want to build a complete city in Minecraft, then you know you cant miss a McDonalds. We suggest putting some Command Blocks inside to drop food.

9. Floating constructions

Except for some blocks, such as Sand and Gravel, Minecraft blocks dont usually suffer the action of gravity and, therefore, allow you to create floating constructions.

To do this, just use some Bamboo Scaffolding to reach a high point and then build whatever you want around it. To avoid falling while building, just click the right analog stick (or Shift, on the PC) to lower yourself and thus not exceed the limit of the blocks.

Remember to sleep regularly and light your building to prevent monsters from attacking and causing a sudden fall.

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10. 2D and 3D reproductions

The ability to place blocks anywhere as if they were pixels or cubes, in an image or 3D model, allows players to recreate many things in Minecraft. 2D images are easier to trace, but 3D models can also be created with some ease. A good idea is to start recreating some of Minecrafts own animals and enemies in larger sizes, as most of them look pretty square.

11. Underground areas

Normally, when you think about the underground areas of Minecraft, only the activity of mining for resources comes to mind. However, it is also possible to erect underground constructions, which will generate unexpected challenges, such as trying to bring grass from the surface to a deep area of ​​the world or even populating an underground village.

12. Submerged areas

In a more challenging version of underground, it is possible to erect buildings underwater - either in oceans or in lakes. After covering an initial area to isolate it from the water, the user can place blocks and then extract them to dry the blocks, which act as water sources. The activity is easier when the player has already ventured into an oceanic Monument and has sponges to easily dry large areas.

13. Skate rink (cool things to build in Minecraft)

Complementing the entertainment area, a skate park is a much easier option to build.

14. Gas Station

Basic, but that gives a more worked look in your city. At least here you can have fair prices.

15. Parking

Its no use having a hospital, McDonalds, gas station, soccer field, etc. if you dont have a place to store your cars.

16. Bikini Bottom

If you dont know what were talking about then you have to review your concepts. SpongeBob SquarePants scenario is well worth your time and effort. Here is the challenge for you to reproduce it in Minecraft.

17. Path of the Serpent

Perhaps the younger audience doesnt know it, but those of the 90s know how much time you spend in this place. The path to Lord Kaiohs planet in Dragon Ball Z was arduous, but perhaps even harder to retrace in Minecraft.

18. Buildings

Being practically the opposite extreme to castles, buildings are fun to build in Minecraft not only for their simplicity but also for the challenges involved in imagining a modern structure in its most medieval world.

Creating a building with multiple floors is not always practical in the game, as there is no way to easily build elevators. Thus, the player is limited to inefficient options such as stairs and water elevators. Despite this, buildings are quite an intriguing addition when spotted from afar in your world.

19. Take builds from the game

In the world of Minecraft, there are some naturally generated buildings such as temples, mansions, marauding outposts, and more. An interesting idea is to take these locations and turn them into your own base or another type of building.

This way, the player can establish points of interest throughout the map and enjoy advantages, such as the monster generator, found in the basement of mansions.

20. Expand vilas

Upon finding a village in Minecraft, it can become a permanent base for the player. However, some precautions need to be taken, as the users presence will bring monsters to the village. Surrounding it for safety should be the first step in making it.

In sequence, the village can be enlarged, building more houses and floors, as long as beds are also created, and there is enough food for the inhabitants to reproduce.

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