Current Affair of January 21st, 2020 Important

Current Affairs of 21st January 2021

Q 1. Who will become 1st woman fighter pilot to participate in Republic Day Parade 2021?

Q 2. What did Indian Railway rename Howrah Kalka Mail train?

Q 3. Which state’s CM has released book ‘Manohar
Parrikar Off The Record’ ?
Ans : GOA

Q 4. Which state at the top in the innovation index released by Niti Aayog ?

Q 5. Who was honoured with the National Road Safety Award 2021?
Ans : Virendra Singh Rathore

Q 6, Which city of Uttar Pradesh the ‘Strawberry Festival’ being organised for the first time— JHANSI Q 7. Gorewada International Zoo Renamed as ‘Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park by which state government?

Q 8. What did the Gujarat government change the name of Dragon Fruit?

  1. The entire cabinet including which country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned ?

Q 10. Which state government has launched for Trainee Promotion Scheme –
Ans : UP

Q 11. Who has been given the additional charge of the Ayush Ministry ?

Q 12. In Which state was Makaravilakku annual festival celebrated?

12.Headquarters of Amnesty International?
Ans- London

  1. Who built sun temple of Konark?
    Ans- Narsimhadev I

14.In which article is the official language mentioned?
Ans- 343

  1. Grey revolution is related to?
    Ans- Fertilizersßccg\preparation

16, Largest gland in our body?
Ans- Liver

17.What is the old name of state bank of India?
Ans- Imperial Bank Of India.

18.First round table conference held in?
Ans- 1930

19.When was the world bank established?
Ans- 1944

20.In which list do endangered animals are kept?
Ans- Red list

21.What is the venue of ICC ODI world cup 2013?
Ans- India

22.Who was the first Secretary General of UN?
Ans- Trygve lie

23.National pollution control day
Ans- 2nd December

24.First five year plan period ?
Ans- 1951-1956

25.Which of the following state does not share the border with Nepal?
Ans- Jharkhand

26.For which book did Rabindra Math Tagore get Nobel Prize?
Ans- Geetanjali

27.Which is called as the 2nd Taj Mahal?
Ans- Humayun ka Makbara

28.Which Dynasty is inhabited by Mysore?
Ans• Wadiyar Dynasty

29..Which is the 2nd highest peak in the Himalayas?
Ans- K2

30.Chemical Name of baking soda?
Ans- NaHC03

31.When did the Third Anglo Mysore war take place?
Ans- 1790-1792

32.Headquarter of FIH?
Ans- Lausanne, Switzerland

33.World Prevention Day?
Ans- 10th September

34, Where is Zoji La Pass?
Ans- Ladakh

35.Who discovered the Sea route?
Ans- Vasco Da dama

37.Which ministry organises Mid day meal?
Ans- Ministry of HRD

38.Who established Al Hilal Newspaper?
Ans- Maulana Abdul Kalam

39.What is the blue revolution related to?
Ans- Fish

40.joshna Chinappa is related to which sport?
Ans- Squash

41.How many parts does the constitution have?
Ans- 22

42.Right to property was removed from which constitution amendment?
Ans- 44th

43.What is the work of CPU?
Ans- Arithmetic logic unit

44.Full form of DDL?
Ans- Data definition language

45.Yellow river flows in which river?
Ans- China

46.Who led in Plassey was to the British?
Ans- Robert Clive

  1. Sl unit of resistance?
    Ans- Ohm

48.Chemical formula of Esters?
Ans- RCOOR or RC02R

49.Which disease is cause due to protein deficiency?
Ans- Kwashiorkor and Marasmus

50.Largest bone?
Ans- Femur

51.Who is the head of CBI in 2019?
Ans- Rishi Shukla

41 . Who is not elected by the Government of India?
Ans- CM of states

42.Who gave slogan Bharat Chodo?
Ans- Mahatma Gandhi

43.What are 3 main units of CPU?
Ans- control unit, immediate access store and Arithmetic logic unit

44.What is the other name of yellow river?
Ans- Huang He

45.What is the other name of train 18?
Ans- Vande Bharat Express

46.When did bhaskara satellite launched?
Ans- 1979

49.When NREGA name is changed to MNREGA?
Ans- 2009

  1. How many languages are there in eight schedules?
    Ans- 22

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