Dating in college| 5 Datings tips in college

Dating in college

Whats up everybody today in this blog post Ill be going over my top 5 best dating tips for college students, Lets get started with the tip number one :

 Tips No. 1) Use common classes/ programs groups as your introduction

 Now guys often struggle with what is the first thing youre going to say the world that you want to go up to and Talk to and since you both share a common environment, here aks your classes program school then a hold environment this can be an excellent way for you to make your Introduction simply go up to that person that you.  Well I can just add some, Hey Arent you so-and-so from that class Oh have a majority Oh, how are you liking. You know everything sit and that is an interesting way that you can make Small talk and actually introduce our rather than just you know go up to them and really try to flirt right off the bat because It usually doesnt work out that way . If you start off with a very general conversation about you know This shared environment that you both have its actually gonna work in your favour.

Tips No.2) Genuinely get to know them ( Don’t interview them)

Dating in college

 Ive never done business that generally gets to know the other person. Theyre transitioning your small talk into a bit deeper Open-ended question like why did this person show this for them. What do they plan to do in the future and the key thing here is you do not want to interview. Dont just keep rapid-firing questions off the top of your head because girls can pick up on that and its going to seem like youre just trying to ask A number of questions before you shoot your shot Which is really going to work against you because they know nothing about you. You are just some stranger thats trying to make a first impression that they dont anything about. Why would they give their number and Social media, even if youre an attractive handsome guy that can still come off as well serial killer creepy but here are the things you want to do to gently get to know the other person.

 Genuine be actually interested in them, not just a means to an end. Here you want to look for common interest that you have a common interest even if you dont have a lot of common interest you Need to see if you are emotionally compatible, which is a lot to do with the personality type you see how they react to certain jokes how they have a enunciate and say stuff and what they find funny it can actually be a better telltale sign whether you guys are at A little bit more compatible or just the attraction.

Hes just purely physical because of common interest a lot of people think oh, you got something in common great not necessarily the case. It doesnt matter if you guys have everything in common if youre going to be arguing while youre doing that thing. It really doesnt matter. Its how you leap how they react to certain things that you say and how you say it, and what is their reaction to it.

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Tips No.3 Don’t overstay

 Now a lot of times guys when you go to the talks over anything like they really just want to go balls to the walls in that first interaction make you Go to first impression get good Get a good conversation going then a store number and everything this if you overstay your welcome Especially the first time you talk to somebody youre gonna come off as desperate and girls can sense a desperation Like its the plague or something ridiculous.

I dont know how but they just know here You want to be you want to be charming here. You want to be subtle you wanna. Its a marathon not a sprint in this case because Im hopefully youre looking for a genuine relationship in your life right now and here what you wanna do is you want to see how the conversation is going if its going Well, theres no awkward long pauses.

Theres a  good you know, both parties are you know, give and take its very its natural But if you start to see the body language start to close up and start to turn away start looking over She starts looking over your shoulder to leave. These are all telltale signs that this conversation is over.This person wants to leave and go about their day Which you should do the same because if you keep you know being persistent in staying there.

 Youre more likely to be rejected because you seem desperate and you seem like theres nothing anything else that youd rather be doing in your life right now than just talking to this person and try to get in to Go on with his person you try to make it seem like getting a girl is like the purpose of your existence down there nothing else. You should be doing be very subtle and charming about it have a little bit of a conversation Flirt a little bit and then whats some swagger.

 Exit that conversation because you want to make a great first impression ,You want to make her feel comfortable around you and yet you want a - in a little bit of Flirting so the next time you go up to her and talk to her and when you really shoot your shot I think you should be on the second time If you know youre going to this person again Then shes gonna be putty in your heads because you already made such a good first impression that shes probably going to think about you A little bit more after youre gone in which she sees you against that. Oh, thats a cute guy from math class.

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Tips No.4  Dress Smart Casual

Dating in college

Were transitioning away from the conversation has been any to your personal appearance and that is addressed with these smart casual aesthetic. This is where you really want your fashion sense that start to grow up either Youre just gonna start learning more about how to dress properly or youre starting to graduate away from the street wear Hypebeast aesthetic with to something a little bit more smart casual like this outfit that Im wearing here Its a prime example of so nice a little more smart casual.

You know Younger man style a little more street wear because Im wearing a hoodie sneaker these are usually I would pair with like a trick pair of jeans, but Im cleaning it up with a pair of olive green Chinos, so this a little looks a little more professional the sneakers here You can go with retro sneakers or something a little more minimal. It shows that you can still dress, you know, young and fun But you can also clean it up when its necessary to have you look a little bit more mature and a little bit more grown-up which is a nice aesthetic to have.

Tips No.5) Final tip on this list is the plan cheap yet effective dates

Dating in college

Plan cheap yet romantic dates now I understand being a college student having disposable income to spend on liquor on Drinks on going down. Its just not the case for a lot people now a lot of guys test really over thing what theyre gonna do for the first day because, they want to be you know, make something do a really good job.

So youre gonna be a second aid in the third thats relationship, But they said to miss the point here. The action that youre you to are going to partake in is only Secondary thats working on guys, but it doesnt matter if youre getting a smooth.Youre getting a coffee or youre getting sushi, or youre getting Pizza. Its about what youre really going to talk abou,t its like it doesnt matter what youre doing is gonna be sitting there awkwardly in silence .

The key thing here is that you really want to focus more on the conversation. What do you guys are gonna talk about. What are you going to look for right and you want to see if the attraction goes beyond physical and - more emotional then you guys are really compatible and could be a couple .

Thank you everyone for reading

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