How long is night in Minecraft-Day and night cycle in Minecraft

How long is night in Minecraft-Day and night cycle in Minecraft

As you know, Minecraft has a day and night cycle, on which almost the entire gameplay is built. However, not many people know how long day and night are. This information can be useful for you to survive, or just for reference. A game day (sunrise + day + sunset + night) lasts a total of 20 minutes (1200 sec).

Table of Contents

1) Day

The day is the longest period in the cycle (10 minutes) - this is 50% of the entire cycle.

  • During the day, the surface of the blocks has maximum illumination (15 - maximum illumination level)
  • The player appears during the day, at the start of the game in a new world.
  • During the day, the sun is present in the sky, and the sky is blue (in rainy weather it is gray).
  • During the daytime, light is given off, which is necessary for the growth of grass and trees.
  • During the day, Skeletons and Zombies start to burn and soon die (unless they are in the water, or under some opaque block).

 2) Sunset

Sunset lasts only 1.5 minutes (90 seconds) - this is 7.5% of the entire cycle.

  • The time period in which the Sun sets on the western horizon and the Moon rises on the eastern horizon.
  • The illumination of all blocks that are on the surface drops by 1 level in every 10 seconds.
  • The sky turns orange and then red.

3) Night (Day and night cycle in Minecraft)

The night lasts only 7 minutes (420 seconds) - this is 35% of the entire cycle.

  • At night, the illumination of all blocks on the surface drops to level 4, and hostile mobs appear on the landscape.
  • There are moon and stars in the sky.
  • The moon has phases (there are 8 in total).
Day and night cycle in Minecraft
Credit: thegamer. Com

4) Dawn (Sunrise)

Dawn lasts only 1.5 minutes (90 seconds) - this is 7.5% of the entire cycle.

  • The transition from night time to daytime - the moon sets on the western horizon, and the sun rises on the eastern horizon.
  • The illumination of the blocks on the surface rises by 1 level every 10 seconds.
  • The sky begins to turn red and then orange.
  • Immediately after sunrise, the moon changes its phase.


  • In the game, the Sun and Moon appear at the same position in relation to the stars all the time.
  • The clock will not work in the Nether, since there is no time there.
  • Villagers react to the change of day / night. At night they hide from zombies in houses, and during the day they leave them.
  • During the day, you can see the moon, and at night, the sun, they simply cannot be seen because of the blocks. This can be seen if you fly very high in Creative mode or climb 256 blocks of altitude.
  • The day / night cycle can be disabled with the command / gamerule doDaylightCycle false…

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