How to get a dragon head in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

This post will explain how to get the dragon head in Minecraft. In this post, I will explain:-

  • Where to find the dragon head.
  • What the dragon head does and the enchantments for the dragon head.

Where to find the dragon head in Minecraft|

 The dragon head is found on the end ship in the end. To get there you will need to find a stronghold using the eyes of the ender to activate an end portal jump in the end portal into the end.

You will have to go to the outer end islands specifically the end highlands which are hills on the large outer islands. You dont have to defeat the ender dragon but if you beat the ender dragon it will generate an end gateway that makes it easier to get to the outer end islands.

 The outer end islands will have the end cities and a 50% chance to have an end ship at the front of the end ship you can find a dragon head.

How to get the dragon head in Minecraft|

The dragon head can be broken by hand or by any tool. A piston can be used to drop the dragon head as an item also having water on top of the dragon head will drop it as an item.

If you do the same with lava it will destroy the dragon head. The charge creeper which when it explodes can drop some mop heads will not drop a dragon head when it explodes killing an ender dragon.

dragon head in Minecraft

What is the dragon head in Minecraft|

The dragon head can be placed on top of a block or on the side it does not require a supporting block. The dragon head will not move its mouth when placed. You can get it to move its mouth up and down by powering it with a Redstone signal.

The Redstone power component or mechanism component has to be adjacent to the dragon head a weakly powered block meaning a Redstone dust going into an opaque block can power the head, also a strongly powered block like a Redstone repeater going into an opaque block can power the head.

 The dragon head can be worn by the player zombie, skeleton, or an armor stand, with the player it will be in the helmet slot and has the same animation with the mouth opening and closing.

The dragon head can be put onto the player using a dispenser. The player has to have an empty helmet slot and the dispenser has to be facing the player one block away.

The dragon head can be placed on the player using a dispenser as a prank.

Enchantments for dragon heads

There are two enchantments that can be put on the dragon head:-

1) The first one is the curse of vanishing: It is an enchantment when the player is killed while wearing the dragon head.

The dragon head will disappear curse enchantments cannot be removed from the dragon head using the grindstone or crafting grit.

The curse of vanishing can only be acquired through chest loot fishing and the villager trading curse of vanishing cannot be acquired through the enchanting table.

2) The second enchantment is the curse of binding: It is similar to the curse of vanishing as it can be acquired through chest loot, fishing, and villager training. It also cannot be removed from the dragon head.

 The curse of binding on the dragon head makes it so the head is locked in the helmet slot this means it cannot be removed until you die.

A dragon head with the curse of binding could be used as a prank since the player cannot remove the dragon head.

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