How does dripleaf works in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

How does dripleaf works in Minecraft

This post is going to explain how dripleaf works in Minecraft. The small and big dripleaf are new blocks in the caves and cliffs update. This information is as of the 21w17a/snapshot.

 The drip leaf will generate in lush cave biomes. This is one of the new underground biomes that will be added but not until the second part of the caves and cliffs update.

Getting Dripleaf in Minecraft

If you want to see the lush caves biome you can go into a single world biome in a snapshot. Also to play with the dripleaf you can go into creative in a snapshot.

 There are 2 different dripleaf small and big, 2 small dripleaf can be acquired from the wandering trader for an emerald. To obtain small dripleaf you will have to use shears on them any other tool will destroy the dripleaf.

Small Dripleaf in Minecraft

Small drip leaf can be planted on clay or moss. It can also be placed on dirt, farmland, grass, moss blocks and puzzle if they are underwater. It has to be a full water source block it cant be flowing water.

Small dripleaf would be good for decorations and ponds, water features or swamp builds.

Small dripleaf does not grow on its own to get it to grow you will have to use bone meal on it. Using bone meal will cause it to grow up to 5 blocks if there is enough space and turn it into big dripleaf.

Big Dripleaf in Minecraft

Big dripleaf can be obtained by using any tool but the axe is the quickest tool to use. If you break the bottom stem this will drop the entire big dripleaf.

For each block of the big dripleaf it will drop 1 big dripleaf. Bone meal can be used on big dripleaf to make it grow 1 block taller. Big dripleaf can be placed on any solid block.

dripleaf works in Minecraft

What is the different about dripleaf

Dripleaf has a lot of applications for parkour. First small dripleaf you cannot walk on however with big dripleaf there will be a platform at the top of it that you can stand on.

When this happens youll have 1.5 seconds before the big dripleaf starts to tilt eventually collapsing and dropping you off.

There are 3 different stages and you can hear the dripleaf doing this before it collapses giving you a warning. After the dripleaf collapses it will slowly return back to normal.

This could be useful for parkour as you would only have 1.5 seconds to jump from one big dripleaf to the next. If the big dripleaf is a block tall and it collapses with you on it this will make it non-solid and put you inside. The big dripleaf will return back to normal and then it will force you to be one block tall and crawl similar to trapped doors.

Dripleaf Redstone

Big dripleaf can also be powered by redstone. When this happens the dripleaf wont collapse powering the stem with redstone will have no effect on the dripleaf.

Dripleaf and observer in Minecraft

The big dripleaf does have a block state change when it goes through the 3 stages of collapsing. This allows for an observer to output a Redstone signal when it changes from 1 stage to another.

Dripleaf and Arrows in Minecraft

If a projectile like an arrow is fired at dripleaf. This will cause it to become a non-solid meaning collapse even if its powered by Redstone.

What all this means is that dripleaf could be used in a lot of different ways. It could give you a small timer before it collapses. You could have it randomly collapsed by firing projectiles at it. This could make dripleaf very tricky to walk on plus it can be used as a decorative block.

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