What does the Echo Shard do in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Where to find the echo shard in Minecraft. This post is going to explain what the echo shard is used for and where to find it what does the echo shard do.

What is the echo shard do

The echo shard has one purpose which is that it can be used in the crafting recipe for the recovery compass. The crafting recipe is 8 echo shards and a compass crafts a recovery compass.

The recovery compass is used to find the location you last died. It will point the needle to the location when it is in your hand off hand or even in the hop bar.

The recovery compass has to be in the same dimension for it to work otherwise it will spin randomly.

The recovery compass will be useful for recovering your items and especially if you die in an unusual spot.

How to get the echo shard

The only spot to get the echo shard is in the chest in the ancient city.

  • Theres a 29.8% chance to get 1-3 echo shards.
  • The ancient city is a new structure that we found in the deep dark biome.

 This  biome that can be found deep underground close to bedrock the blocks in this are unique like the sculk, sculk catalyst, Sculk Shrieker, sculk sensor and the sculk vein.

If youre exploring the caves this biome should stand out because of the new blocks.

The ancient city will be found at negative 52. So close to bedrock and has similar blocks as the deep dark. Except there will be a larger area with blocks like deep slate and wool in the middle there will be chest that will have the echo shards.

Echo shard
Echo shard

Which is the dangerous part of the ancient city

  • The dangerous part of the ancient city is the warden.
  • Which is a mob that will have 500 health.
  • It cant see an attacks based on sound and smell.

The warden will be spawned when the player triggers the Sculk Shrieker 4 times. It can be any Sculk Shrieker. The Sculk Shrieker is triggered when the player steps on it, when there is a vibration near a skulk sensor that will send a signal to the shrieker.

What is the easiest way to avoid triggering the skulk’s sensor

The easiest way to avoid triggering the sculk sensor is by sneaking. This will not create a vibration opening a chest will give off a vibration that the sculk sensor will detect and trigger the sculk shrieker.

Wool has a unique interaction with the sculk sensors as wool blocks placed between chest and skull sensors will block vibrations.

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