Hella Loud Car Horns

Car horns are a very essential part of your car. Horns are considered as the language of any vehicle you are riding in so if we do not have proper car horns it is very risky to ride any vehicle. so you have to think of horn as a mood of communication and yeah we all know that a car horn is a part of a safety measure in some of the countries riding without horns are illegal. so why risk your life let me give you the best and loudest horns.

The best and loudest horn

1. Hella 003.399-842 Red Grill Super tone Horn Set (12V,300/500 Hz,105-118 dB @ 2 m)

Key features

  • Voltage : 12V, Frequency : 300/500 Hz, Sound Level : 105-118 dB @ 2 m, Diameter : 123mm
  • Traffic Blaster produces a penetrating strong sound
  • Sturdy housing in first-class design with striking grid
  • With optional Teflon pellet as humidity protection
  • High corrosion protection
  • Vehicle Compatability: Bikes and Car Universal


2. Hella 011225832 Pearl Trumpet Horn Set (12V,400/500 Hz,105-118 dB @ 2m

key feature

  • Black plastic trumpet horns with bracket
  • Full harmonious and wide sound radiation
  • Specifications: voltage: 12V, low tone frequency: 400 Hz, high tone frequency: 500 Hz, sound level at 6.5ft (2 meters): 113 dB, diameter: 80mm


3. Hella 011225801 3am Compact Horn Set (12v,350/420 Hz,105-118 Db @ 2m)

Key features

  • Voltage:12v, frequency:350/420 Hz, sound level:105 - 118 dB @ 2m, diameter:77 mm
  • Vehicle Compatability: Bikes and car universal
  • This is a universal product
  • Glossy powder coated for smooth and attractive surface finish
  • Special oscillator design for optimal sound projection
  • Promising performance to size ratio; Compact in design and space-saving.

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How to purchase it

I have shared a link by clicking on that link you will redirect to the amazon store choose your product and you can purchase it from there.

Why to use Hella horn

Hella horns are engineered by an German valuable technology .we do work with almost all the brand and best in industry.so you can be confident to use our product without any worries.

Is it necessary to use Horns

Basically, why do you use horn you use horns in order to aware people or any driver. For example, you stuck in a traffic zone now if you dont have proper horns how you will go out of that situation that time if you shout from your car windows that will be no use of shouting because no one will care you. so in that case you need proper horns.

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