5 high-paying travel jobs you can do from anywhere

Do you want to get paid to travel and explore this beautiful world? Well, here are five high-paying travel jobs that you should consider.

1. Tour Guide

 If youre the kind of person who absolutely loves traveling, but you also love learning as much as you can about the places that you visit, you love knowing about their history and geography and culture and you are the one who shares all of these insightful things with your friends.

Maybe your friends always ask you about this kind of thing and they want to learn more from you. Then becoming a tour guide is a perfect idea for you.

When you are a tour guide, you can offer your services not on regular freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, but instead what you can do is create offerings on the Airbnb experience.

On Airbnb experience, you can offer your services related to city tours or specific experiences that you can offer for the location where youre based.

And when you, lets say, get tired and bored of a location and you decide to move to another one, you take down those offerings and you create new ones for the new location where you live.

So this way you will constantly get paid for doing what you love most, traveling and sharing with people. All the amazing things that you know about places.

Now there is another thing on Airbnb experience is you will get paid multiple times for the same experience because the payment is done per person.

So if you get larger groups of people of 5 to 10 people, then whatever you charge is going to be multiplied by five or ten times. So that is an amazing opportunity. Absolutely. Consider it.

2)Photographer or Videographer

This is because nowadays people have social media channels and brands have their own accounts where they need this kind of footage.

They need videos or photography of certain places or a certain type of activity. And you should be able to make a nice income from monetizing your photos or your videos.

There are tons of platforms where you can do that, like Dreamstime or Shutterstock.

Imagine this what if you are becoming a travel guide? And while you are on your travels and your tour guide, you also take videos and photos of the places that you are showing to the group that youre guiding, and you then monetize those as well. I mean, its a win-win, I would say.

3)Travel Blogger

I know youve heard this many times before, but Im here to share with you three ways that you can actually monetize your travel blog. Im not going to talk about SEO because honestly, SEO and allowing ads on your blog are not going to make you a lot of money.

Lets be honest, the three ways that you can make more money with your blog:

  i)  Affiliate marketing:

 Its quite easy to find companies or products that you can promote and you will get paid a percentage of the sales price.

So what you need to do is when you start that travel blog, you need to be able to recommend products to your audience, products that will make sense to your audience that they would want to purchase.

And ideally, you would feature those products yourself and show them in connection to the places that youre visiting. It can be something specific for that country, maybe a certain perfume, a fragrance, or certain clothes.

There are 1,000,001 ways that you can think about this. Of course, it depends a lot on the angle that you will take for your travel blog.

So affiliate marketing should be a very easy way for you to start monetizing your audience and the community that you will be building around yourself who are interested in learning more about your travel experiences.

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ii) Partnership

Number two is to be able to find partnerships and the way you do that. And when I say partnerships, Im thinking hotels, restaurants, certain attractions, and places in the region that youre visiting.

And the way you do that is you create content articles, and blog posts that you share with your audience and you share your honest, genuine opinion about your experience.

And then once you get traction, you can go to that attraction or that hotel or restaurant and show them that you can bring their name and brand in front of so many people. And this way you can then create a partnership with them.

iii) Youtube channel

Start a YouTube channel to go together with your blog because you will be able to feature your videos on the blog and the other way around. And with YouTube, you can generate even more money on top of whatever you will do through your travel blog.

4) International Language Teacher

That will happen if you are an English native speaker or if you are trained and certified as an English language teacher. But obviously, you can tutor on pretty much any language and nowadays there are multiple ways that you can do that while traveling.

You can obviously go and tutor in person and you can get hired in international schools around the world to teach that language, or you can even train online.

There are lots of platforms nowadays where you can teach English or other languages to kids or even adults who are looking to learn that language.

And here Im talking about VIP kids and Qkids and Cambly and I talk and lots of others.

Some of them are completely open and you can apply without being certified as a language teacher. Others will expect that you at least have a language certificate.

You dont have to be trained as a teacher and then for others you really need to be a trained professional teacher. There is something in there for everybody. And with this kind of job, you can expect to make up to $26 an hour with some of these platforms.

So really consider becoming an online or an in-person international language teacher. And you can do that from any country and you can do it even in person in of those countries.

high-paying travel jobs

5) Software Developer (high-paying travel jobs)

I would like to talk about opportunities for software developers. And here Im not going to go into details on a specific language. What matters most is that if you are tech savvy and if you can code, thats amazing. But you dont even need to code as long as you can use some of the pre-set templates that exist out there.

And what you can do is while you travel, look for opportunities where you can offer your services Im sure you can find a restaurant that can use a digital menu and you can create a QR code for them or a place that will benefit from a new landing page or a hotel that could use some sort of online booking.

If its not one of these major chain hotels and hostels that would want to get listed on Booking.com.

So you can absolutely use your tech skills and that leverage pre-existing templates or code for certain clients that you can find in these places where youre traveling.

And as an example, I heard about somebody who was on this beach and realized that there was no way to order from the beach food from the hotel where they were staying.

And so they proposed to the hotel away make this available. And they created a digital menu that became available to everybody who was on the beach. And this way the hotel got more sales and the person was able to charge for their services.

So there are great ways for you to monetize your skills and talents if you are a developer and you can do this literally from anywhere in the world.

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