How to get honeycomb in minecraft 1.17

Honeycomb in Minecraft

This post will explain how to get honeycomb and how to use the honeycomb in the Minecraft 1.17 update caves and cliffs.

Where to find Bee Nests

The most likely biome to find them are 5% chance in the plains and sunflower plains biomes. This percentage represents the chance of finding an oak or birch tree with a bees nest on it. In these biomes if you look at 20 trees you might find one bees nest.

In the flower forest biome it is a 2% chance in java and a 3% in bedrock. Even though flower forests have a lower chance there is a higher tree and flower density meaning you are more likely to find a bees nest in the flower forest.

The forest wooded hills birch forest tallbird forest birch forest hills tall birch hills have a 0.2 percent chance in java and a 0.035 percent chance in bedrock.

 Bees nests can also generate on trees when an oak or birch sapling is within 2 blocks of a flower.

 There is a 5% chance for bees nest to appear with one to three bees in it this applies to any biome in any dimension.

If you apply bone meal to an oak or birch sapling within two blocks of a flower you can spawn a bees nest without having to look for one.

 if you want to move the beast nest you will have to break it with a silk touch enchanted tool the so-touch enchantment drops the block instead of breaking it.

 The axe is the quickest tool to break the bees nest if you use any tool without the silk touch enchantment on it, it will destroy the bees nest and the bees will be anchored .

If you mine a bees nest and there are bees in the nest and you use the so touch enchantment the bees will still stay in the bees nest.

 You will probably want to mine a bees nest that has bees in it preferably at least two so you can breed more.

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About the bees (honeycomb in minecraft)

 First off bees are a neutral mob meaning they wont attack you unless you do something that angers them. When it comes to bees nests one to three bees will be housed in the bees nest or hive bees without nest will wander around looking for an empty nest.

 Bees travel up to 22 blocks from the nest to find something they can pollinate they can travel further if necessary. They are attracted to flowers sweet berry bushes flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves they circle a flower for 30 seconds collecting pollen. When they have the pollen there will be particles dripping from the end of the bee. Bees will fly into the nest and work for two minutes this will increase the honey level by one.

 The bees will return to the nest at night or when it is raining the bees will stay in the nest for two minutes before coming back out.

 The bees will attack you if you attack one of them the bees when they are attacked will swarm the player and try to sting them.

 If they succeed the player gets the poison effect. The bees will lose the stinger and die after one minute the bees can also be led by a lead and follow a player. If they are holding a flower bees can be bred by feeding them a flower and entering them into love mode two bees will breed a baby.

How to get a honeycomb

 When bees nest or bee hives reach honey level 5 they can be harvested to get honeycombs you can tell the nest or hive is full because it will be dripping with honey and you can see the honey particles falling from it.

 To harvest you will have to put a lit campfire or light a fire under the nest using shears will drop three honeycombs. If you dont use a campfire the bees will be angered and attack you.

 The honeycomb can also be collected using dispensers when the dispenser has shears inside and is next to the nest it can be activated and shear the nest this wont anger the bees, bees nest can also output a redstone signal if there is a comparator facing out from the bees nest.

 Redstone comparators can measure how much is in an item and output a signal based on this as the honey level is 5 the comparator signal will increase with each honey level this means you can create an automatic farm to shear the bees nest or hive when they are full.

 Shears will use durability each time it is used in a dispenser also a hopper mine cart under a block can be used to collect the honeycombs that fall

 Another option is to place farmland as it isnt a full block and honeycombs can be collected by a hopper underneath the farmland.

Honeycomb Crafting Recipes

  • The first recipe is a beehive can be crafted with six planks and three honeycombs. Beehives are the same as a bees nest the only difference is they can be crafted.
  • The second recipe is four honeycombs can be crafted into a honeycomb block. The honeycomb block is a decorative block and cannot be crafted back into honeycombs.

The candles

The candle can be changed to any color by crafting the candle with a dye. The candle is similar to sea pickles one to four candles can be placed on one block.

The light level increases by three with each candle at one candle it is a light level of 3 at 4 candles it is a light level of 12. The candle can be lit with flinted steel a fire charge or a flaming projectile the candles can be placed on a cake.

Waxing copper blocks  

The last crafting recipe is a honeycomb can be crafted with a copper block to wax the copper block with copper blocks. They can weather when they are placed in the world there are four stages that are copper exposed weathered and oxidized.

This goes from a copper color to green when a copper block is placed in the world every random tick a random tick is on average 68 seconds theres a five percent chance for the copper block to enter pre-oxidation this means it takes 20 minutes for it to reach the next stage.

 Copper blocks weathering is affected by the copper blocks within four blocks of it blocks that are a lower oxidation will prevent the copper block from oxidizing and blocks at the same oxidation will cause the copper block to oxidize slower.

 The best way to weather copper blocks is by placing them four blocks apart anyways waxing copper block will prevent the copper block from reaching the next stage.

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