6 signs he completely fallen for you (6 signs he is thinking about you)

 How can I tell if he is thinking about me? And the answer is very simple.

1) His family gives it away

His family tells you what he says about you, because he talks about you to them so much. For example, this could be about how much he enjoys spending time with you, to little character quirks that he likes and notices about you. One good sign is that he tells them about your likes and dislikes, as he would want his family to accommodate your needs when visiting. The fact that the family know a lot about you, shows that he talks about you a lot too. This is always a good sign as it shows that hes serious about you, especially if you are invited to family gatherings.

2) He talks about things you did together

He reminds you of things and events that you did together. Now, if it did not matter, why would he remember? The fact that he remembers the good times, suggests that he has deep feelings for you, as these memories are not based on anything sexual. It shows that he enjoys spending his time with you so that he can learn more about you in order to impress you.

3) He asks what you think(How can I tell if he is thinking about me)

 He asks for your opinion. If he did not care, he would not ask, right. So by giving your opinion without pleasing him, shows signs of a confident woman, and this is why he is asking you, because he values you and values your viewpoint.

4) He remembers all your friends and family members

 He remembers all your friends and family names, expresses interest in your passions. This is a good sign because this only will desire to please you. Hes putting his best foot. Forward which is exactly what high value woman should receive. By learning your family names, hes showing you through his action that hes taking you seriously and he sees you as long-term and not a bed of fun, because he is putting effort in truly getting to know you. Ladies, this is one of the signs of him investing in you, which is how love grows and grows.

5) He asks you follow up questions

For the shows that you were talking about last week, for example, this shows that he enjoys talking to you, sharing time with you, learning your thoughts. All these actions fill his love need as he is seeking you out. Stereotypically, women talk a lot about these kinds of matters, therefore the fact that he is doing this willingly, shows that he really cares about you, thinks about you, and likes you.

6) He surprises you (How can I tell if he is thinking about me)

 He surprises you by taking you to your favorite places. He knows your personality really well by now, and wishes to spoil and serve you, which fills his love need as well as yours. How? By serving you, he is the pursuer and you appreciating this kind gesture, you compliment his love need. All you need to do is enjoy the moment.

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How can I tell if he is thinking about me

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