How much water should I drink to lose weight?

Five Japanese water therapy tips for weight loss and staying healthy as you realize water isnt just one of the fundamental elements but also a very essential part of our lives in order to flush out all the poisons and to assist it with working properly one must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day here are five important things that the Japanese water therapy suggests you must do.

1st Tips Drink water after you wake up

As soon as you wake up in the morning and drink four to six glasses of water on an empty stomach each glass should contain 160 to 200 millilitres of water ideally the water should be consumed at room temperature lukewarm fresh lemon juice can also be squeezed in it if you like.

2nd Tips After Brushing teeth avoid these

 Now in steps two brush your teeth after drinking water avoid to eat or drink anything for at any rate 45 minutes take the breakfast and continue with your daily routine.

3rd Tips Stay away eating after the meal

After every meal of the day you should stay away from eating or drink anything for at least two hours.

4th Tips  Elderly people

Elderly people having some serious health condition are those who just started out should begin the therapy with one glass of water daily later they can increase the number of glasses gradually .

5th Tips

 If you are unable to have all four to six glasses in a go you can sit tight for a couple minutes between each glass of water so as to give your stomach a break this Japanese water therapy recommends that you make these tips a part of your every day routine it will help to cure diseases and give you a fit and healthy life they also state these important points make at least an hour walk your daily routine as it will help in fastening your metabolism you must gargle at least four to five times with warm water mixed with salt before going to bed .

Important Tips

Never eat or drink anything in a standing position as it hinders the digestion process take time in chewing your food before gulping it down as it helps the stomach and better digestion the Japanese claims that this water therapy helps in cleaning your stomach and boosting your digestive system it also helps in relieving stress and promoting weight loss the early morning hours are considered to be golden hours and it is believed that drinking water at this time does not only promotes weight loss by smoothening your digestive system but it also helps in treating various health issues.

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