How to find axolotls in Minecraft- easy and simple way

How to find axolotls in Minecraft

 This post is going to explain how to find the axolotls in Minecraft. This post will explain where they spawned their behavior, how to breed them, and different types of axolotls in Minecraft.

 The axolotl is a new mob that will be in the caves and cliffs update. This information is accurate as of the 21 W 19 snapshot.

The first thing I have to mention is the axolotl is a real animal. This animal is also known as the Mexican walking fish. It is a salamander and is found on several lakes underlying Mexico City.

How to find axolotls in Minecraft

The axolotl is critically endangered. After looking at some pictures of them, I just thought they looked cool and Ive seen pictures of them before, but I didnt know they were actual axolotls.

How to find axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotl spawns in groups of 1 to 4 in any water with blocks above it below 63 Y level, meaning the vertical position in the world. While level 63 is about sea level. This means locations that are underground that have water.

An example could be a cave however, in the second part of the caves and cliffs update 1.18 there will be changes to terrain and world generation.

The way caves will generate will change and there will be more caves. There will be fires and underground water lakes. These are probably the spots you will most likely find axolotl after world generation it is uncommon for the axolotl to spawn.

What is the axolotl

Let us know about what the axolotl is and its appearance in Minecraft. The axolotl is a passive mob so they are the harmless mobs that wont attack the player. They are 1/6 of a block tall and 1.3 blocks long.

They have a health of 14 or about seven hearts. There are five colors which are leucistic, which is pink, wild, which is brown, gold, cyan, and blue.

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What are the rarest axolotls in Minecraft?

Blue is the rarest color as there is a 0.083% chance of one spawning.

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Behavior of axolotls

Let us know about the behavior of the axolotls. 

  • They will attack all aquatic mobs except for turtles and dolphins. This includes cod salmon, tropical fish, guardians, elder guardians, squid, and puffer fish.
  • They will also attack drowned even though drowned or an undead mob. The axolotl will prioritize attacking hostile mobs over non-hostile mobs.
  • For example, a drowned over a cod. When they kill a non-hostile mob, there will be a 2 minute cool down before they can attack another non-hostile mob.

The axolotl can give the player regeneration one status effect that will restore the players health over time and also remove mining fatigue when the player kills a mob the axolotl is fighting with. Mining fatigue reduces the mining and attack speed. You can get mining fatigue from the elder guardians.

If the axolotl takes damage underwater, it can vein death fall to the ground for 10 seconds and get regeneration want to restore its health. When this happens, monsters will avoid the axolotl. The chance of this happening is 1/3 and the axolotl will restore 4 health.

Another thing about the axolotl is that they can be on land but well look for the closest water source. They can be out of water for 5 minutes before they die. If it is raining or thunderstorm while they are on land they will not die.

The axolotl is susceptible to the impaling enchantment, which is a tried and enchantment. The impaling enchantment will increase the damage done to aquatic mops.

The damage is 2.5 per level, So the maximum level is 5. With an impaling five trident, you can do an extra 12.5 damage to the axolotl which will kill them with one hit.

How to get the axolotl and breed them

Lets talk about how to get the axolotl and breed them.

  • First the axolotl can be attached to a lead which can be used to lead them around or connect the lead to a fence post.
  • The axolotl can be picked up using a water bucket and released by emptying the bucket with the axolotl. The axolotl can be led using a bucket of tropical fish. A bucket of tropical fish can also enter the axolotl into love mode.
  • When two axolotl enter love mode, they breed producing a baby axolotl, the color of the baby will be one of the parents colors.

However, there is a 1 in 1200 chance the baby could be blue which is the rarest color for axolotls.

The axolotls will have 5 minutes cooldown before they can breed again. It will take 20 minutes for the baby axolotl to become an adult. This can speed up by 10% by feeding them a bucket of tropical fish.

I should also mention the tropical fish can be found in warm and lukewarm oceans and their deep variants. The tropical fish can be picked up using a water bucket.

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