How to find the glow squid in Minecraft| Easy and simple way

The glow squid in Minecraft

This post will explain how to find the glow squid in Minecraft. This post will explain the spawning mechanics, the drops, and the behaviour of the glow squid.

The glow squid is a new mob in the caves and clips update this post is accurate as of the 21w20a snapshot.

How to find the glow squid in Minecraft

Let’s start with the spawning of glow squid and where to find the glow squid.

Glow squids spawn in groups of 2-4 below Y level 63 meaning the vertical position in the world in any land biome.

 Why 63 is sea level one thing to keep in mind is in the 1.18 update there will be changes to world generation. This update will change the underground caves add aquifers and underground water lakes. This will probably be the spot that glow squids are most likely to spawn.

Glow squid drops

When the glow squid is killed they will drop 1-3 XP. They will also drop between 1-3 glow ink sacks. The glow ink sac can be used in the crafting table with an item frame to create a glow item frame this will improve the lighting of the items in the frame.

 The amount of glow ink sacks you can get from a glow squid can be increased with the looting enchantment.

How to find the glow squid in Minecraft

This is a sword enchantment that can increase the amount of drops when killing a mob with a glow squid it increases the potential ink sacs by 1 per level.

The maximum level of looting is 3. At level 3 looting you can get 1-6 glow ink sacs.

Glow squid behaviour

 Let’s talk about the glow squids behaviour and what it is.

 The glow squid is a passive mob meaning it won’t attack the player it has a health of 10 or 5 hearts even though the glow squid does glow this glow does not affect the light level surrounding them.

 The glow squids behaviour is similar to a normal squid in a lot of ways. The glow squid will wander in water aimlessly being propelled by its tentacles. They are not attracted to light and do not intentionally interact with the player.

 They can swim against the current or flowing water unlike other mobs in java edition. The glow squid will suffocate if out of water for 15 seconds similar to squid they will beach themselves and suffocate leaving a glow ink sack on the shore.

 They can take fall damage and burn damage. Glow squids cannot swim in lava even if given a fire resistance potion. When attacked the glow squid produces particles around them as well as a cloud of turquoise ink they will swim away covering a longer distance.

 The glow squid will stop glowing for 5 seconds after being attacked. Guardians and elder guardians will attack low squid the axolotl also a new bob in the caves and cliffs update will attack the glow squid the axolotl and the glow squid have similar spawning locations.

In java addition, the glow squid is susceptible to the impaling enchantment.

 The impelling enchantment is a trident enchantment it does 2.5 extra damage per level to aquatic mobs. The maximum level is 5, at level 5 impaling it can do an extra 12.5 damage.

So it will kill a glow squid with one hit the last thing about the glow squid is that there is no way to breed them this is similar to a normal squid.

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