How to get Copper Blocks in Minecraft

Wondering how to get copper blocks in Minecraft this post will explain all the new copper blocks crafting recipes and how to oxidize deoxidize and wax copper blocks.

How to find copper ore

Copper ore generates in any of the over world it attempts to generate 6 times per chunk and groupings of 0 to 16 copper ores.

It generates in a range of 0 to 96 meaning from bedrock to above sea level into mountains sea level is at level 62.

Copper ore is the most likely to generate at level 47 and 48 decreasing at the ends of this range.  

The best spot to find copper ore is to mine at 47 and 48. When copper ore generates where deep slate blocks would be instead of being copper ore it will be a deep slate copper ore.

How to get copper blocks

 Copper ore needs to be mined with a stone iron diamond or netherite pickaxe when mined it will drop 2 to 3 raw copper.

If you want to increase this a fortune enchanted pickaxe can increase the potential raw copper drops.

Fortune 3 can get up to 12 raw copper but the average is 5.5 raw copper.

The raw copper can be smelted in the furnace to get a raw copper ingot and 0.7 xp. 9 copper ingots can be crafted into a copper block the copper block can also be crafted back into copper ingots.

 The copper block can be mined by using a stone iron diamond or netherite pickaxe.

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 How to Oxidize, De-Oxidize and wax

The copper block is a unique block as it has four different stages of weathering. when it is placed in the wall this is copper exposed weathered and oxidized this will go from a copper color to green.

How this works:

when a copper block is placed in the wall it will slowly advance to the next stage. On average it can take 1 Minecraft day to advance one stage.

  • Every random tick or about 68 seconds theres a 5% chance for a copper block to enter pre-oxidation.
  • Pre-oxidation takes 20 minutes before it advances there are other factors that will affect the speed a copper block can oxidize.
  • If there are copper blocks within 4 blocks that are a lower level of oxidation that block will not oxidize .
  • If there are several of the same level of oxidation within 4 blocks of that one it will also be slower.
  • The best way to oxidize a copper block is by spreading them out 4 blocks apart also remember this means that you have to have the chunk loaded for it to advance.
  • Rain or water will not accelerate oxidation and covering it with other blocks does not prevent oxidation.
  • If you want to prevent the copper block from continuing to oxidize you can craft it with a honeycomb this will wax the block preventing oxidation.

 If you want to remove the oxidation there are two ways:

  • The first is by using an axe the axe can be used to scrape off wax from the copper block or to have a copper block go back one stage in oxidation.
  • The second option is using a lightning rod. The lightning rod can redirect lightning strikes during a thunderstorm a lightning strike can cause copper blocks to go back in oxidation.

 However this is random as it could go back several stages and the amount of blocks is random.

 Crafting recipes and the types of copper blocks

 Four copper blocks can be crafted into four copper blocks.

 Cut copper blocks can be crafted into slabs and stairs.

The best way to craft these would be using the stone cutter as it is the most efficient both cut copper and copper can be waxed to prevent it from oxidizing otherwise it will continue to weather this also includes stairs and slabs.

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