How to get goat horns in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

How to get the goat horns in Minecraft.  This post will explain the goat horn, the different types of goat horns and how to get them.

The goat horn is an item that will be added in the 1.19 update the wild update. Goats were added in the 1.17 update and goat horns will be added in the 1.19 update. This is based on the latest snapshots and currently is only available in the snapshots.

What is goat horns in Minecraft

It will be an item that drops when a goat rams a block. You can get two goat horns from an adult goat.

When the goat horn is used there will be 8 different sounds that can play these are ponder, sing seek, feel, admire, call, yearn and dream.

how to play goat horns in Minecraft

The good horn will play when used and could be heard from far away. There is a cooldown between each use of the goat horns.

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How to get the goat horns in Minecraft

Goats can be found in three of the mountain biomes jagged peaks, frozen peaks and snowy slopes. So goats can be found in snow-covered mountainous areas.

Goats will spawn at a light level of 7 or above. So basically at day time. There is a 2% chance for a goat to spawn as a screaming goat,  that obviously scream and make a lot more noise.

Normal goats can only drop 4 of the goat horns and screaming goats can only drop the other 4 of the goat horns.

Goats will ram the player if the player is standing still. How this works is every 30-300 seconds. The goats will check if a mob or player has moved in that time span. The goat will attack from 16 blocks away and there needs to be 4 blocks of space between the goat and the player.

The goats will have a charging animation and will bleep differently meaning make a different noise than normal after choosing a target to ram. If you look at a goat you should be able to notice the change and when they’ve chosen a target to ram.

If the goat hits you it will deal 9 knockback, which could knock you off a mountain. If you can evade them and they hit a block not placed by the player they will drop the goat horn.

The goat must hit a block that is naturally in that area. The goat has to hit blocks like a tree or natural blocks like oars, logs, packed ice or stone.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a spot that you want the goat to hit that is already there. The goat horn that will drop will be a random one of the 4 types for the normal goat and 4 types for the screaming goat.

The goat horn can also be found in the pillager outpost. The outposts can be found throughout the overworld and is a semi-rare structure. They will be occupied with pillagers equipped with crossbows and pillager captains.

There is a 100% chance for a goat horn to be in the pillager outpost chest. The only goat horn variants that can be found in the pillager outpost chest are the ones from the normal goats.

The other 4 variants of the goat horn from the screaming goat can only be acquired by getting the screaming goat to drop a goat horn.

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