How to get nether wart in Minecraft

How to get nether wart in Minecraft

Wondering how to get nether warts in Minecraft. This post is going to explain the three different locations that you can find nether warts, how you can farm nether warts to get more nether warts plus the brewing recipes and crafting recipes for nether warts.

Lets start with the different spots that can find nether warts :

Nether Fortress

 The first is in the nether fortress. The nether fortress generates on all nether biomes. It is composed of nether bricks and a mix of bridges and towers.

The fortress will be occupied by mobs like Magma cubes, blazes, wither skeletons, and skeletons.

Nether warts will grow next to the staircase and soul sand gardens. Which is soul sand with nether warts growing on it.

These are not the one wide staircases that lead to balconies but they are too wide leading down or up.

The Nether Fortress Chest

The next location is also in the nether fortress, these are nether fortress chest.

When the nether fortress has a hallway or corridor and theres a 90-degree turn theres a 1/3 chance of finding a chest with loot.

The loot chest has a 1/5 chance of having 3-7 nether warts in it.

Bastion Remnant

The last location is the bastion remnant.  The bastion remnant can be found in all nether biomes except the basalt delta.

The bastion remnant is composed of black stone and basalt.

 There are four structures as part of the bastion remnant these are:

  • The housing
  • The bridge
  • The treasure room and
  • The hoglin stable

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The bastion remnant will be occupied by piglins, Piglin brutes, hoglins and magma cubes.

The piglin will be neutral towards you if you are wearing a piece of gold armor but otherwise will be hostile if you are not wearing one.

The piglins brutes will be hostile towards you even if you are wearing gold armor.

 They will only generate a world generation and once youve killed them they wont spawn again. Just keep in mind that if you attack them they will make the piglins angry.

Nether warts can be found in the central courtyard of the housing units. The housing units will be multiple towers with a courtyard in the middle.

Nether warts

Once youve found nether warts that can be broken instantly with any tool.

A mature crop of nether warts can drop 2-4 nether warts all other stages only drop 1 nether wart.

A tool enchanted with a fortune could drop a potential of 1 more nether warts for each level of the enchantment.

The maximum level of fortune is 3 with the mature nether warts they can drop 2-7 nether warts if mined by a tool with fortune 3 enchantment.

Nether warts have to be planted on soul sand blocks to grow. There are 4 stages of nether warts with nether warts stages 2 and 3 will look the same.

Nether warts do not need light to grow and can grow in any dimension also bohemia will have no effect on nether warts.

There is a 10% chance of nether warts growing each random tick. A random tick on average is about 68 seconds.

So it could take about 34 minutes for nether warts to grow to a mature crop.

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Brewing Recipe nether wart in Minecraft

The nether wart is a key ingredient for brewing potions.

 nether wart in Minecraft

Here is a display of the brewing stand. The left slot is for fuel (blaze powder), the top slot is for items to distill into the water bottles and potions, last is the bottom three slots are for water bottles and potions you want to distill items into.

Nether warts can be distilled into water bottles to create an awkward potion.

Awkward potions can have items distilled into them to create potions with effects. For example, sugar can be distilled into an awkward potion to create the potion of swiftness this potion will allow you to move faster.

Crafting Recipe

Nether warts have two crafting recipes:

  • 9 other warts can be crafted into another warp block.  The block cannot be turned back into nether warts.
  •  2 warts and 2 nether bricks can be crafted into a red nether brick.

 The red nether brick has a red hue and is lighter it can be crafted into slabs, stairs, and walls.

Cleric Trade

If you dont want nether warts it can be sold to the cleric villager.  The villager has 5 different levels of trades and the villager will level up when they gain experience unlocking 2 trades at each level.

The master level cleric which is the 5th level will buy 22 nether warts for an emerald.


Nether warts can also be put into the composter and theres a 65 chance for it to increase the compost level by 1.

 The composter has 8 levels and when it reaches level 7 it goes to level 8 and produces one piece of bone meal.

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