How to know if a girl likes you through text

Hey love and welcome thank you so much for joining me here, in todays blog post Iam going to be sharing with you 9 clear signs on how to tell that a girl likes you through text this in 2021. Im gonna go ahead and lets get started.

1) First sign

The first sign and how to tell that a girl likes you and this might be a little bit obvious and its like but I have to mention it and its going to be that she initiates to text you first so youre not always the one that is reaching out to her to text her first that shes actually reaching out to you and thats a very very good sign that she likes you or in the very least is interested in you because it shows that you are on her mind. she is thinking of you and says she texted you.

2) Second sign

Number two its going to be that when you text her she replies immediately quicker than the bifrost right so that means you know she is waiting for your text she is crying in her bed and she is waiting for her Buddha texture and Im just kidding shes not doing all that probably but shes just anticipating theyre you know anticipating to talk to you so her replies are quick.

3) Third sign

Number three is going to be that she puts lol or haha after texts that dont really require a lol or a haha an example of that would be like if you ask her in a text right what are you doing right now and shes like oh Im at the grocery store lol its like are you really laughing out loud are you really laughing Mitch at the grocery store is it that fun no and the reason why I think that girls do this is because they are trying to make the conversation light-hearted and lively and in a way maybe like a little bit flirty.

4) Fourth sign

The next one is going to be that she puts emojis and gifs and her text and the reason why I think this is a really good sign and how to tell that a girl likes you or shes interested in you is because when you send emojis and when you send gifs and theres what I said emojis like that is because I feel like they are trying to get your emotions across to the other person and so its trying to get them to feel the excitement I guess what youre going through and talking to them because they are not currently in your presence right so if she is sending gifs and emojis and things like that shes trying to liven up the texting conversation because she likes you.

5) Fifth sign

The next sign is going to be that when you dont respond right away to her text that she keeps on texting you and I feel like girls do this because theyre anticipating your response and so its like oh my gosh no biter hes not texting me right now let me just keep texting him until he text me back so yeah shes doing that she wants to keep the conversation going she doesnt want it to pause and shes wondering what youre thinking what are you doing and so Im gonna keep texting you so yeah she she likes you.

6) Six sign

Another way that you can tell that a girl likes you is if you find yourself more often than not having to be the one to end the conversation so if youre the one thats like Ill talk to you later or I have to go or goodnight its because again she wants the conversation to continue she doesnt wanted to end shes excited to talk to you she loves you.

7) Seven sign

So another sign that you can tell that a girl definitely likes you through text is her texts are not those one worded dry toast desert kind of texts they are going to be actual sentences theyre going to be engaging next time so say for example if you had mentioned in a previous texting conversation that you wanted to go to Six Flags together and say she finds herself at Six Flags but you werent able to make it shell send you a picture shell send you a picture of herself at Six Flags right or shell send you a picture of the surroundings and shes trying to basically get across to you that she misses you and she wishes that you were there with her so thats a very thats a very good sign.

8) Eight sign

Another tip or another sign to look for is if there is a lot of punctuation in the conversation coming from her like exclamations question marks maybe like for question marks in a row or shes like hey theres like a lot of wise or things like that and this kind of like ties in with emojis and the gifs and things like that and its just showing that shes trying to keep the conversation alive and have some juice and have some excitement so that you will continue to talk to her because nobody wants to talk to a boring Betty.

9) Nine sign

So the last tip and how you can tell that a girl likes you through text is going to be that if she does say goodnight or goodbye or Ill talk to you later or Im actually busy right now Im doing this then thats a very good sign its showing that she cares about your feelings she doesnt want to make it seem like shes leaving you hanging and shes being polite and courteous to your feelings and not just leaving your text message on read.

so those are the signs that I came up with and how to tell that a girl likes you through text message and I can probably justify and just own up to it myself that I have probably done some of these if not all of these myself if you enjoyed reading this than dont forget to share with your friends.

Thank you..

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