How to make concrete in Minecraft|Easy and simple way to make concrete

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Learn how to make concrete in Minecraft in different colors with our easy guide! In this step-by-step process, well show you how you can easily make sixteen different colors of cement and turn it into hardened concrete.

How to make concrete

Concrete is a durable and dynamic building material that will give a great look to any Minecraft project.

Step 1: choose a dye

Before we can start creating concrete, we need to decide what color to make. Concrete can be any of the sixteen possible dyes in Minecraft: red, orange, yellow, green, light green, cyan, cyan, blue, violet, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, light gray, or white. The dye can be obtained by crafting, smelting, or trading.

Step 2: making the cement

First, we need to create cement. Concrete Powder can be crafted using four blocks of Sand, four blocks of Gravel, and one Dye of any color. Unlike most crafting recipes, cement can be made by placing each component in any of the nine squares in any order. Below is just one example

concrete in Minecraft

Step 3: Convert cement to concrete

When cement comes into contact with water, it hardens and becomes concrete. This can be done using a source unit or running water. We just put the concrete powder next to the water and now it hardens.


➤Concrete is mined with any pickaxe. Otherwise, the block will not fall out.

➤Like Sand and Gravel, cement will obey gravity and fall if there is nothing below. Conversely, concrete that has been hardened acts like any other solid block and will not fall when placed with nothing below.

➤Water from rain, cauldrons, or water bottles does not harden.

➤ Concrete has brighter colors than terracotta, and concrete is non-flammable, unlike wool.

The strength of this block is slightly higher than that of the stone, but the explosion resistance is much lower.

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How to make a concrete maker in Minecraft

Its super compact and requires very few blocks. So lets get straight into it

Items needed:

  • 13- Building block
  • 3- Temporary block
  • 2- Redstone
  • 2- Chest
  • 1- Hopper
  • 1- Sign
  • 1- Dropper
  • 1- Observer
  • 1- Stair


  1. First, you will need to dig a 2*1 hole
  2. Then add a chest in it
  3. Now add a hopper running into the chest
  4. Add some building blocks around the hopper
  5. Now add a stair next to the hopper.
  6. It is good to use a wooden stair because its harder to break with a pickaxe
  7. Now build the  walls up a bit more and add a sign
  8. Then go on top and add a temporary block
  9. Now add a upside down dropper above the sign and add  observer next to it that is facing down
  10. Add 2 redstone on top of the dropper and  observer
  11. Last add a water into the stair

The concrete maker is done now but if you like to add some stuff. For example, add some stairs to make the build look nicer.

Now just add some concrete powder to the dropper. This way you will not run out of items when using the farm.

  • Press F to take the powder  in your off hand and just hold both right and left click down at the same time and then your machine will work fine

  • If you like you can also add a hopper and a chest so the dropper wont run out of blocks to drop you

  • If you want to AFK the machine, just hold down both, your left and right click and press F3+T

  • When you see this screen, release your buttons
concrete in Minecraft
  • Now your left and right clicks are auto holding

So in this way you can manage to farm 179 concrete in 1 minute. That makes 10740 concrete per hour.

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How to make white concrete in Minecraft

  • First, find and kill skeleton

  • When skeleton is killed, it randomly drops its bone

  • Now, you can make bone meal

  • After you have created the bone meal

  • Then get at least 4 gravels and 4 sands

  • Now you can make white concrete powder on crafting table as shown in the picture
concrete in Minecraft
  • After you have crafted a white concrete powder

  • Then, Place white concrete powder on the water to make it white concrete

  • Use pickaxe to get white concrete

Where can white concrete be use

White concrete can be used for buildings and decoration

How to make black concrete in Minecraft

So you can make black concrete by following items:

  • You have to get 4 sand
  • You have to get 4 gravel
  • Then find and kill squid to get ink sac
  • Now you can make black concrete with the help of the above items
  • You can make black concrete by placing black concrete powder in the water
  • After you have made black concrete and you can obtain it by using pickaxe

Where can black concrete be use

Black concrete is used for decoration.

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How to make Blue concrete in Minecraft

  • Get four sand
  • Get four gravel
  • Then find and get lapis lazuli
  • Then make blue concrete as shown in picture below
  • You can make blue concrete by placing blue concrete powder in water

Where can black concrete be use

 Blue concrete can be used for decoration

How to make Rays works concrete maker

If you want to build Rays Works concrete maker that can do 14500 concrete per hour

Items needed

97 building block, 56 Observer, 43 powered rail, 41 pistons, 22 droppers, 20 Hopper, 11 slimes, 10 repeaters, 7 Redstone dust, 6 chests, 3 slabs, 2 comparators, 2 Redstone torch, 2 sticky pistons, 2 obsidian, 1 trapdoor, 1 Minecart, 1 TNT, 1 dead coral, 1 detector rail, 1 cobblestone, 1 glazed terracotta, 1 glass pane, 1 fence gate, 2 water, 192 temporary blocks.

  • Start by making a 0*12 U- shape out of building blocks.

  • Dig a 10*5 and one deep hole in front of the U- shape

  • On the outer edge dig a 2 block deep hole and add a double chest in the middle

  • Dig a block deep hole on both sides of the chest

  • Add hoppers going into the double chest

  • Make a way to the collecting area and add more chests

  • Now make a infinite water

  • Place water to flow towards the hoppers

  • Remove one dirt to let the water flow on top of the hoppers

  • Go up 4 blocks from the middle  now place 4 blocks on the outer edge

Make sure that those 4 blocks are:

  1. Exactly in the middle
  2. 3 blocks high from the ground
  3. A block away from the water
  • Place 4 powered rails on top of the building blocks , on the right side add a block next to the rail

  • Place a repeater on top of the building block towards the rails and set it to 2 ticks

  • Add another row of building blocks on top of the rails and place 4 powered rails on top of the blocks, behind the repeater add a building block

Next to the same building block add an observer facing outside, place observers facing into the powered rails and make a 4*4 wall out of pistons that are facing out, place 5 slime blocks going up from the observer and add a sticky piston facing downwards, but leave a block gap.

Place 3 building blocks a block higher on the outer edge, place 1 building block on the outer edge, but a block higher, and add 4 building blocks going inside. Make sure these blocks are on the rails.

Leave a block gap and add 3 more building blocks, place Redstone torch in the gap and add more building blocks a block away and higher, and on the end place a piston facing downwards.

On the gap place 4 pistons facing downwards you. On top, if the pistons place 3 observers facing away from you. Place a building block on top of the piston that is facing downwards.

Add Redstone behind the observers. Place atop slab next to the building block and piston and add Redstone dust on top of both slabs and on the building block.

Leave a block gap and add an observer on top of the piston, in front of the observer place droppers. On top of the droppers add hoppers and on top of the hopper place a double chest. That is the concrete powder input chest. Add temporary blocks in front of the droppers, place a building block in the end.

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Leave a block gap to add observers facing downwards in front of the droppers and add another row of observers facing downwards add one more row of observers facing downwards.

  • Place building blocks on top of the lower observer row and add a top slab before the droppers

  • Place a trapdoor next to the dropper and add water in front of the droppers flowing towards the slab.

  • Place building blocks on top of the water and on top of the observers.

For the next part I recommend building a temporary area under the observers:

  • Place observers facing upwards and make 5 five long rows. Under the observer add pistons facing downwards.

  • Remove the temporary blocks and add a building block diagonally from the piston also add another block going up stairs.

  • From the lower block leave a block gap and place 9 building blocks. In the gap add an observer facing away from you.

Leaving a block gap, place an observer facing upwards and add 2 powered rails and place 8 rails behind the observer. On top of the rails add observers facing downwards.

Place 8 droppers on top of the observers facing away from the farm and place 8 more droppers facing the other way add the last dropper facing downwards into the other dropper.

Leave a block gap and add 9 building blocks

  • Place a building block diagonally, next to the observer

  • Place a comparator  facing outwards

  • Add 7 repeaters and set all to 4 ticks then add a repeater set to 3 ticks and at last repeater set it to 2 ticks.

  • Place a building block in  front of the repeater and add redstone torch. It should trigger the piston.

  • Place 2 obsidian as show on the schematic.

Now to build a TNT duper go up from the backside of the farm. I recommend building a temporary platform to make the TNT duper build easier.

  • Start by adding a building block next to the dropper row and block lower place one more building block. On the lower building block add a comparator facing outwards.

  • Place a glazed terracotta in front of the comparator and add a glass pane next to the comparator. On top of the terracotta place a sticky piston facing towards you.

  • Add 3 slime blocks in front of the piston and on the left side place 2 more slim blocks. Last slime block goes in front of the slime that is next to the terracotta.

  • Between the slime blocks add a dead coral and in front of the slime block place a cobblestone wall.

Next to the dead coral add 4 building blocks. Make a little temporary platform to push the minecart on top of the slime block. Place the TNT on top of the fence gate.

Now place the detector rail next to the slime block, put a minecart on top of it and use a piston to push it on top of the slime block.

If you are not going to push the minecart with the piston then the whole thing is going to blow up.

To start the farm add the concrete powder to the top chest. For smaller amounts divide items into the droppers. But leave a little bit for yourself.

Before starting to AFK add one more block on top of your head to prevent phantoms. Now just aim at the last piston and hold down right-click.

  • To get the placing automate, press F3+T
  • When you see this screen you can release the right click and now the game is auto holding right mouse button
concrete in Minecraft
  • In 30 minutes you can managed to make 7358 concrete. That means with this farm you can convert 14500 concrete powder into concrete in 1 hour.

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