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Make money with Spotify

What do you like to make your own music, listen to music or simply speak in public? Then Spotify is a very good place for you to consider if you want to make money online in 2022.

Hey, welcome back to my blog. In today’s post, we will be talking about six different ways that you can make money on Spotify.

You guys know that I like a good organic traffic engine and this one is a very, very good one for you to consider if you want to make money with Spotify in 2022.

We can see that more and more artists are hitting milestones across all levels of revenue. Are the numbers accelerating fast?

The number of artists achieving all thresholds of payouts from Spotify alone have more than doubled since 2017.

I am going to split this post into three big parts:

  • part number one is going to be for those of you who are artists or are working with artists.
  • Part number two is going to be for those of you who are simply music fans and who are considering using Spotify to make some money on the side.
  • Part number three is going to be for those of you who are passionate about public speaking and maybe are considering starting a podcast.

 If you are an artist and if you are considering bringing your music to Spotify, or maybe you’ve done that already and you are seeing some traction, there are some ways that you can make money with Spotify other than for the traffic that you get on your songs.

And there are actually four different ways that you can make more money on Spotify if you are an artist.


I know that many artists make actually quite a lot of money by using merchandise, by coming out with products that have their band or their artist name and brand printed on. You can absolutely do that too.

If you have a Shopify store where you sell any kind of merchandise, then absolutely you would be ready to bring that and embedded into Spotify.

Or if you don’t have one, then what are you waiting for? You should absolutely have a Shopify store where you should sell merchandise, and when you have that ready, make sure you bring it on to Spotify so that your fans, the people that are listening to your music, are able to purchase your merch directly on Spotify.


Another very good way for you to leverage Spotify if you want to make some extra money as an artist is by bringing your ticketed event into Spotify.

 You would need to use a trusted ticketing partner in order to be able to bring your events your concerts into Spotify.

And it doesn’t matter. It can be in real life events and concerts, or it can be virtual ones. It doesn’t really matter. Maybe metaverse ones can work as well.

So what will happen if you do have a ticketed concert or event that you are able to run through one of these trusted partners that Spotify works with and that you can bring into Spotify.

Then what they’ll do is not only send emails and notifications to people who would be likely to come and join your concert but they will be showing this in the concerts hub as well as on your artist page.

So you are going to benefit a lot from Spotify as organic reach and its 400 million listeners.

If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s probably the most recent number that I could find.

3.Fan Support

Another very good way for you to consider. If you are an artist and you’d like to make money on Spotify, is a fan support and this one is there previously known artist fundraiser.

And here basically what will happen is you can raise money or you can accept tips in the form of direct monetary deposit from your fans directly.

So if you have a good following or the more you increase your following on Spotify.

You will be able to get to there direct support, get there a direct appreciation and see how much they love you by opening up the opportunity for them to directly show their support towards you.

money with Spotify
Money with Spotify

4.Live Rooms

 If you are an artist, and you would like to be able to make some money with Spotify is a feature.

A future opportunity that is coming up and that is a live exclusive audio route and basically what this is, is an opportunity for you to create this exclusive environment, which will be an exclusive room, an audio room where you can bring your biggest fans to celebrate something together.

Like a new release or the launch of a new album or something like that.

And you will be able to make money within this room by being able to promote either your new concert tickets or your merch and so forth or you can get direct support from your fans.

There are great ways for you to make money if you are an artist, and I do hope that you will consider all of them.

Now let’s move on and look into ways that you can make money with Spotify if you are a producer or if you are simply a music fan.

5.Fan Support

Now let’s talk about how can you make money if you are a music lover and you would like to use your talent, your passion to make money with Spotify.

Well, the safest way for you to do that is to apply for a job as a Spotify playlist curator so you can make money by literally creating playlists and curating playlists for a living.

Now, there are some people out there in the Internet who are talking about monetizing a Spotify playlist.

Now, if you read this Spotify Terms and conditions, you will learn that this is actually illegal.

You cannot charge for placing artists or tracks onto your playlist. So no matter whether you would do that directly or through middlemen like well, I won’t name them.

There are lots of platforms out there that claim to facilitate the connection between a playlist owner and artists who would like to get discovered and be promoted on these play playlists.

My recommendation would be to avoid this route because you really don’t want to get on Spotify as bad side, which will probably lead to you losing your playlist.

If you really love music and you would love to make money with Spotify playlists, then the safest way to do that is to become a Spotify curator working for Spotify.


If you are somebody who would like to speak in public, if you love talking and having others, listen and maybe you’ve considered starting a podcast then. Absolutely. Think about Spotify.

And that is mainly because, as I mentioned before, Spotify, I have over 400 million followers, which means that the likelihood of having your podcast become visible and getting traction and momentum on Spotify is pretty significant.

What you need to understand is that Spotify will not necessarily pay you directly for your podcast and I know that in other places you typically get paid if you have a podcast per thousand downloads.

For example, and depending on the platform, sometimes that’s $18, $20, $25. It varies a lot.

But Spotify will not actually pay you unless you are a very well known brand or name that they really want to bring on to their platform.

And I know that there was this deal with Amy Schumer I want to say where they paid something like $1,000,000 just to get her to have a podcast on Spotify.

And of course that makes sense because it brings in more people increases overall Spotify is revenue.

If you’re not Amy Schumer and you would still love to have your own podcast on Spotify, there are tons of ways that you can monetize that from affiliate marketing, from doing advertising and product placement in your podcast, from promoting online courses, from maybe inviting people to your online events or trainings.

There are lots and lots and lots of ways that you can monetize your podcast and then use the organic traffic that Spotify will be able to bring to you in order to get your podcast out to the right people and to get them to come in and click on those affiliate links and download your books or buy your books or buy your online trainings and courses.

All right, guys, thank you so, so much for reading. I hope this post was helpful. I hope you learned a few new ways to make money with Spotify.

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