How to start a keto diet (49 tips on how you can lose weight easily)

I know the keto can seem confusing and complicated so i wanted this post  to be your secret to reaching your goals on the keto diet. Today Ill be sharing with you a mega list of the top 49 tips on how to start a keto diet, I have a doctorate degree in pharmacy so with the combination of my years of experience with the keto diet and my medical background ive created the ultimate list of tips on starting the keto diet and reaching your goals so lets get into it first you got to understand what a ketogenic diet is before you can eat this way.

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 Where the body starts to use ketones for energy in the absence of glucose and insulin and ketones are just a different energy source compared to glucose I think its a better energy source especially for weight loss and if youre trying to decrease inflammation and overall health glucose is a source of energy but when you consume too much of it or you just have these carb-heavy foods you spike up your insulin way too much and way too often which can cause weight gain and lead to health conditions overtime on a ketone diet were not consuming large amounts of carbs so the body doesnt see a lot of glucose, therefore, it doesnt get an insulin spike the liver starts producing ketones for fuel instead which is derived from fat and then we go into fat-burning mode

2) Eat the Right Foods

So focus on meats and natural sources of fats and oils green leafy vegetables avocados berries you can have those in moderation high fat dairy you could eat that in moderation too and nuts and seeds also in moderation.

3) Look for high quality protein sources 

 Look for sources of high quality protein so like grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood.

4) Try to Eat Whole Food Sources

Instead of processed foods this is true even when it comes to keto this will give you the most nutrition and it runs down all the necessary keto foods to keep in your refrigerato .

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5) Avoid grains

You dont want to have any rice pasta wheat corn barley oats any of that starchy vegetables too like potatoes or sweet potatoes and i guess corn is considered a vegetable and sugars and processed foods and certain oils

6) Avoid Trans Fats

You want to avoid trans fats and vegetable oils these are refined processed unnatural oils they increase inflammation and they undergo oxidation easily when heated so it can cause free radical damage and DNA damage .

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7)  Try to get Fat from natural sources

Try to get your fat from natural sources like animal fats plant-based fats like avocado oil olive oil or coconut oil.

8) You will get full faster

Youre going to get full faster high-fat foods are caloric dense there are nine calories and one gram of fat compared to four calories for carbs or protein so it might seem like youre not eating very much but you actually are because youre gonna fill up faster so just eat until you get full and youre going to be surprised at how quickly you get full especially when youre eating foods from like whole food sources like meats and fats and veggies.

9) Naturally eat less calories

Youre going to naturally eat less calories so people on the keto diet actually eat fewer calories per day without even counting calories compared to those on a low-fat diet that are counting calories or that are conscious of it just because that fat is so satiating so on a high carb diet its easy to just eat like a whole bag of candy or a whole bag of chips but on a keto diet to eat like that same amount of calories you would have to eat like a ton of just whole food sources like if youre eating like steak and broccoli you would have to eat a lot of it to meet the same caloric intake as that as if you were eating like an entire bag of chips.

10) Fat is a limit

So some of you guys might have heard that before but if you havent ill explain so on the keto diet if you get your macros calculated around 70 to 75 percent of your calories are going to be from fat but remember fat is caloric dense and its very very satiating so if you arent hungry then dont push it like dont eat more fat just to meet your macro goal because then youre gonna end up overeating when you probably didnt need that many calories to begin with so just listen to your body because theres no point in eating excess fat if you dont need to because remember we want to burn our body fat for fuel instead of the fat that we get from our diet.

11) Don’t overeat fat

Its pretty hard to do so because fat is so satiating but dont overeat it just to try and get the exact macro goal.

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12) Eat fat and protein to keep you full longer

So just make sure each meal has protein and fat in it.

13) Eat a moderate amount of protein

On the keto diet you want to eat a moderate amount of protein so youre just kind of eating enough to replace muscle turnover to keep the body going and to help build muscle if youre working out most experts recommend that you consume point eight to e all the way up to like 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight that you have so obviously the higher amount of protein that you eat thatd be more for somebody thats working out all the time.

14) Keep net carbs <20

Some can get away with some more but ideally less than 20 grams also only track net carbs i dont think its necessary to track total carbs unless you find that youre stalling


If youre so insulin resistant that really any sort of carbohydrate is increasing your insulin levels but at this point you should really consult a doctor.

16) Consume carbs from natural food sources  

When it comes to consuming carbs try to only get them from natural food sources so like fruits and vegetables or whole nuts its okay to have some carbs from other sources like if youre having keto treats and maybe some processed keto foods but just have those in moderation.

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17) Not all carbs are created equal

When it comes to keto foods some keto processed foods might say that theyre low in carb or that theyre keto approved but because of their high level of refinement its easy to go overboard with them on the keto diet.

18) Do your research ( on How to start a keto diet)

Watch videos read books find out all the information you can before starting the keto diet this is going to help you transition and make it so that youre not making mistakes or messing up and maybe eating something that you shouldnt be eating being well researched and understanding what the keto diet is is also going to help you avoid the keto flu so if you havent heard that before keto flu is just where you just youre transitioning between burning ketones and burning glucose and your electrolytes can tend to get low too so youre fatigued and you have headaches you might be dizzy you might be moody so theres ways that you can avoid.

19) keep hydrated and electrolytes up to avoid the keto flu

Most of the keto flu is caused by a lack of insulin signals to the kidney since were not consuming glucose anymore and normally those signals tell the kidneys to hold onto salt or reabsorb salt but when youre on the keto diet it actually flushes out so thats why you have to make sure that youre getting adequate amounts of all of your electrolytes like sodium potassium and magnesium.

20) Take supplements

I think on any diet you should really be taking supplements just to make sure that youre getting the proper vitamins and mineral replacement especially if youre not eating organic or consuming grass-fed or wild-caught meats.

21) Watch for hidden carbs in foods

Some foods can contain around one or two extra grams of sugar in them it might be okay if youre just consuming a little bit but its easy to go overboard with it and plus you never know it could be triggering a sugar craving especially with somebody just starting out or if youre severely insulin resistant.

22) Don’t go overboard on sauces

Like ketchup barbecue sauce soy sauce some salad dressings they all tend to have like one or two grams of carbs of sugar per serving so once again its easy to go overboard on it and well use a little bit too much look for ones that are low sugar varieties.

23) Limit the keto desserts

Limit the keto desserts because they might lead to more cravings and they just are unnecessary calories its okay to have them every once in a while especially if youre starting out or if theres certain social social situations where youre missing a keto treat then have it then but just dont have them all the time.

24) Look for single serve keto desserts or recipes

 These ae great because youre not gonna have a bunch of keto desserts lying around.

25) Track Macros

track your macros this will help keep your carbs under your 20 gram limit per day and will also make sure that youre meeting your protein goal.

26) Less hungry throughout the day

So thats okay so if you skip breakfast dont worry about it because youre actually using your body fat for fuel.

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27) Limit your snacking

You really only want to have around two to three meals a day because if youre snacking throughout the day even if youre just having keto or very low carb fuels youre still producing a little tiny bit of an insulin response any time insulin is released youre halting your fat burning production.

28) Commit to the keto diet for at least 3-4 weeks

It takes this long for your body to switch from burning glucose for fuel to burning ketones you need to give your body time to adjust so that youre not having all of those moods and cravings once you get through that hurdle things will be a lot smoother and easier for you.

29) Find an accountability partner

So theres tons of facebook groups out its a great community on there you can just pop on there and tell people that youre looking for an accountability partner and somebody will help you and you guys can work together just to meet your goals its also good if your spouse eats keto too because thatll make it a lot easier too.

30) Get rid of temptations in the house

 Get rid of them all of your favorite foods that are not keto dont have them in the house at all.

31)  Clean out your cupboards and replace them with keto-approved items

Clean out your cupboards too just remove items that are not keto replace them with keto versions of that like in my cupboards i dont have any sugar or flour lying around its all replaced with alternative sweeteners like monk fruit or erythritol and keto flowers like almond flour and coconut flour.

32) Have a bunch of keto recipes handy that you love

 Whether thats in cookbook form or websites i do have a bunch on my website.

33) Find recipes that your family loves even if they aren’t keto

Its just so much easier so you dont have to cook two meals like a non-keto meal and a keto meal.

34) Find keto versions  of your favorite foods

Thats really what i like to do i like to find keto versions of our favorite foods that we used to eat those favorite comfort foods so check out the rest of my post  to find some of your favorites.

35) Meal prep

They just make your life easier its great to have always have keto meals prepped up especially when you work full time and you have a family you dont want to resort to having like fast food or falling off your diet.

36) Batch cooking (meats) so if you always have keto foods on hand

 Batch cooking too is key so make up a bunch of stuff so make up a bunch of chicken thighs or a bunch of ground beef some taco meat so that you always have it on hand so if moments notice youre starving and you havent prepared anything you know youve got those chicken thighs in the fridge that you could heat up mix it in with some vegetables and you have a complete meal.

37) Scan menus before going to eat

If youre going out to eat at a restaurant scan the menu ahead of time just to make sure that you can figure out what items that you want to have its safe to stick with like a bunless burger or steak chicken fish those are all good items to have at a restaurant if youre going out for mexican food you could just have a taco salad but then tell them no beans and no rice and no tostada.

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38) If there’s nothing in your house, Door Dash ill

If theres absolutely nothing to eat at your house well then just order it in especially this year with a lot of people restaurants are closed and people arent going out to eat theres a lot of those companies that are in full effect delivering food from restaurants to your door and its easy so you dont have to get contempted which are when youre at the restaurant you can pick it out and order exactly what you want just make sure its keto friendly .

39) You don’t have to drink fatty coffees

Just to be on the keto diet you dont even have to drink coffee at all if you dont like it fatty coffees if you drink them too much its just once again its just these added calories that you might not necessarily need its a good meal replacement if you want to have like a bulletproof coffee or a fatty coffee.

 40) Ketone pills and drinks are not necessary to be successful on the keto diet

Its absolutely not necessary i dont consume them myself the majority of people on the keto diet dont so dont feel like you have to waste your money on that.

41) Ketone drinks don’t give you an excuse to eat carbs

You also cant get away with eating a bunch of carbs and then drinking one of those ketone supplements just so that it reads that youre still in ketosis it doesnt work that way youre still going to spike your insulin because you ate some carbs.

42) Testing for ketones is recommended but not necessary

I usually recommend it if youre first starting out or if every once in a while you eat something and youre like I just dont feel right i kind of feel kind of tired then you can test them theres multiple ways to test from the urine the blood and a Breathalyzer too they all measure different types of ketone bodies the most reliable one of course is a blood test but if youre just starting out and want something cheap just do a urine test theyre called keto sticks or ketone test strips in case youre wondering and theyre available at the majority of pharmacies.

43) Try not to cheat, because you will physically feel miserable

Try not to cheat because you will be miserable once you do youll be physically ill.

44) One cheat meal isn’t going to make you gain all your  weight back but 7 cheat meals will

 If you do cheat one meal really isnt gonna make you gain up all your weight back but if you have like seven cheat meals in between trying to go back on the keto diet you will gain back your weight.

45) Exercise

A lot of people say that its not necessary to lose weight on the keto diet but it doesnt mean that you should completely not do it exercise has so many benefits from cardiovascular endurance to just like muscle and and bone health too so dont forgo exercise i recommend that you should be moving every single day whether thats just walking or doing resistance training.

46)  Get sleep – especially in the beginning

When youre trying to keto adapt your body needs that extra rest in order to switch over once youre fully keto adapted you probably will notice that you dont need as much sleep as you used to limit.

47) Limit alcohol

Every time you drink alcohol your body stops from burning fat for fuel into processing that alcohol trying to get rid of it immediately because it sees it as a toxin so if you are going to drink its probably best not to drink alcohol along with eating food because its going to process that alcohol and then store that fat all those calories that you ate from your food as body fat.

48) If you stall, then look at your diet

 See what youre eating maybe youre eating too much dairy too much creamer in your coffee maybe its too much chicken too much cheese really get strict count your carbs see what youre eating if anything maybe to go back to counting total carbs.

49) Change your mindset

And the final and probably the most important tip on how you can start a keto diet is to change your mindset you need to realize that the food that you eat that youre putting into your body helps determine the health of your body and for overall optimum performance so if you want to put in the best fuel source that is going to be eating a high-fat low-carb diet so youre getting those ketones because with this youre going to have optimum energy mental ability and decreased inflammation as well as disease prevention.

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 I hope you guys found these tips helpful on how to get started on a keto diet and how to get into ketosis if i left anything out please leave it down below in the comments.  

Thank you

Article by : Annie ,Akash

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