Indian dairy farm business plan in Hindi

Indian dairy farm business plan in Hindi

The business of a dairy farmhouse is not like any other business. This business is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work to run this business properly.

So if you are thinking to start this business, then you must read this article. In this article today we are going to tell you what are the things that need to be taken care of in starting this business.

 How can you run this business properly? But first of all, you need to know that what is the status of this business in our country and how much profit you can earn through this.

 Indian Dairy Farm Business Demand and Profit in our country-

According to an economic survey conducted during the year 2015-16, India ranks first in milk production. India produces 18.5% of the milk production in the world. This means that there is a lot of demand for this business in our country.

At the same time, milk is such a product that you can earn money by exporting it. At the same time, according to a report presented by the Government of India recently, an increase of 23.77% has been registered in the income of dairy farmers from the year 2014 to 2017.

 Not only this, there has been an increase of 20.12% in the production of milk in the country in the year 2016-17 as compared to the year 2013-14.

 It can be estimated from this that not only milk but also the income of the farmers associated with this trade has increased substantially.

This business can be started at many levels –

You can start this business on a small, medium, and large scale also. If you do not have money to buy a large number of buffaloes or cows, then you can open this business by keeping only four buffaloes.

But remember that the more milk you get from these buffaloes, the more your profit will be. That is, if you keep four buffaloes, then you will get profit but not much.

On the other hand, if the number of these buffaloes or cows is increased, then your profit will also increase.

 Below we have given you some information related to opening a dairy farm at three levels.

  • Small scale dairy farming

You can also open a dairy with less money. To start this business on a small scale, you will need five buffaloes or cows.

At the same time, while taking these buffaloes, make sure that they are of good breed and must give at least 10 liters of milk in a day. By opening a dairy on a small scale, you can make a profit of 50 to 70 thousand rupees per month.

  • Medium Scale Dairy Farming:

To run such a dairy farm, you will need 7 to 10 lakh rupees. At the same time, you will need at least 15 to 18 buffaloes or cows to start this business.

On the other hand, if we talk about your profits, then by opening a dairy farm of this level, you can get a profit of up to 1.5 lakhs.

On the other hand, if you increase the number of buffaloes or cows, then your profit will increase further.

  • Large Scale Dairy Farming Business In India

You may have to invest up to 20 lakh rupees to open such a Dairy farm. You have to keep at least 30 buffaloes in this dairy.

On the other hand, if a buffalo gives you 10 litres of milk a day, then according to 30 buffaloes, you will get 300 litres of milk for the day to sell.

 On the other hand, if you sell this milk at Rs 40 per litre, then you will get a profit of 12000 thousand rupees for the day. At the same time, this amount will be 36,0000 according to the month.

 At the same time, according to these figures, you can get an idea of ​​how much profit you can earn.

However, this profit includes the expenses incurred on keeping the buffalo and the cost of paying salaries to the employees.

Buffaloes or the price of cows in India –

The price of buffaloes or cows is decided on the basis of their breed. If you buy a good breed of buffalo, then it will cost you up to 30 thousand rupees.

 On the other hand, if the breed of buffalo is not very good, then you can buy buffalo within 20 thousand only. At the same time, you can easily get cows at cheap prices.

Where to Buy Buffalo in India  –

Many types of help are being given by the Government of India to promote the business of dairy farms. You can buy a buffalo or a cow through a portal created by the government.

The link to this portal is as follows –  By visiting this link, you will get information about many breeds of buffaloes or cows. Not only this, if you want, you can also buy or sell them through this portal.

 Apart from the above-mentioned link, you can also buy buffalo by visiting another link. This link is as follows.

Apart from online, you can also buy buffalo from the farmer of any nearby village. By doing this you will get buffalo a little cheaper and you can remain in profit.

Things to keep in mind while buying buffalo or cows-

Many types of breeds of buffaloes or cows are seen all over the world and each breed of buffalo gives a different amount of milk.

 Therefore, buy only those buffaloes for your business, which are beneficial for your business.

 On the other hand, Jersey Cattle, Holstein cattle breed, and Sahiwal breed of buffaloes are suitable for this business. Jersey Cattle has the capacity to give 15 to 18 litres of milk.

Food is given to buffaloes or cows

If you expect your buffalo or cow to give you a lot of milk, then you have to let your buffalo eat accordingly. The ability of any buffalo or cow to give milk depends on what kind of food it eats.

 Therefore, you have to take good care of buffaloes. At the same time, the food given to buffaloes or cows includes dry fodder and fresh grass, apart from this, many types of minerals are also given to buffaloes.

Indian dairy farm business plan in Hindi

The process of opening the dairy farm  –

  • Selecting Location

Before starting this business, you should select a place where the buffaloes or cows purchased by you will be kept. It is very important to select the location before opening any type of dairy.

Get to know well what kind of water facility is there at that place. Because a lot of water is drunk by buffaloes or cows.

 Therefore, choose such a place, where you can get water freely. At the same time, a fan is also needed to give air to buffaloes or cows in the summer season. For which make sure that there is electricity facility there.

Open your dairy only on one or two acres of land. Because the more open space you have, the better you will be able to keep the food items given to buffaloes or cows.

  • Construction work in the selected location-

After choosing the place you have to make some rooms for keeping buffaloes or cows in that place. So that in the winter season buffaloes or cows can be kept in those rooms.

 Apart from the rooms, you have to make a terrace with the help of tin. Buffaloes or cows can be easily kept under that roof.

 Apart from this, for the convenience of giving them fodder under the roof, you will also have to build a space in the box shape. So that you can put food items for them on the box-shaped place.

At the same time, apart from the things mentioned above, you will need three to four more rooms. In these rooms, you will be able to keep their food items, milk utensils, and other things.   

  • Recruitment of employees

You will need some people to milk the buffaloes, to feed them on time, and to clean them. So you have to hire some people for this work.

  • Extraction of milk from buffaloes or cows

The next task after selecting the people in the process of extracting milk from the buffaloes. Milk can be taken from buffaloes twice a day.

 At the same time, give instructions to the people engaged in this work to remove milk with cleanliness.

After the milk comes out, store all the milk in one place. After which you can sell this milk.

Way of doing business (Indian dairy farm business plan in Hindi)

There are two ways to do this business. Under the first method, you can sell the milk to any company. There are many such companies in our country, which buy their milk daily from milkmen. On the other hand, you can open your company and sell milk directly in the market.

 However, you will have to work a little harder to open your company. But once your company starts running then you will also get good profit.

 Not only this, by starting a company, you can also sell other products made from milk. Such as products like curd, cheese, butter, etc. On the other hand, if you start a company, then keep in mind the following things.

Business Registration ( License Process )

If you want to sell milk by opening your company, then you have to get your company registered for this.

To register a company, you have to think up a name for your company. At the same time, you can get the name of your company registered by going to the office of the local authority.

 Apart from this, you will also need to get a trade license, FSSAI license, and VAT registration. You will also have to spend a little bit in the process of these licenses and registrations.

Need packaging and boxes-

If you sell milk through your company, then you will have to make packets to sell milk. On these packets of milk, you will also have to give your company information and on which day the milk is packed.

This information will also have to be given on the packet. At the same time, to get these packets made, you will have to contact the merchant who does the work of preparing such packets.

Marketing of your business

It is very important to promote the name of your company so that people can know that a company with this name exists.

By promoting the company, people will get information about the goods made by you.

So that your business will get the benefit. You can advertise in the newspaper for promotional work.

Other things related to the dairy business

  • Precaution

Give only the right kind of food to buffaloes. If you let them eat spoiled food, it can spoil their health.

Apart from this, from time to time, the buffaloes were examined by the animal doctor. Not only this, many types of vaccinations are also given to buffaloes, so that they do not get any disease.

  • Business start-up Costs and Loan Facility

If you are facing any financial crunch in starting this business, then you can take a loan from the bank.

To promote this business, the government also providing subsidies in many ways.

Before taking a loan from any bank, make sure that you will have to repay that loan at what interest rate and within how much time.

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