Jupiter’s Legacy cancelled by Netflix

Details about the Jupiter’s Legacy cancelled by Netflix after one season

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Today I will give full details regarding on the decisions made by  Netflix about show Jupiters Legacy which  the show seems a bit focused in the recent episodes this has been a season one. Yes, this news is now official Updated confirmation. Its been a long time but Ill update you.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Lets talk about all these details  now

So friends, even though this news may have come out just a few days ago, but Mark Miller already knew this, who has written the comic book of Jupiters Legacy and there is also a team of creator warrant of the show there is also a detail from his side.

 So it was given that according to him the universe of Jupiter Legacy would not be further explored by Netflix and now that thing has proved to be completely true i.e. the end at which its first season ended was a cliff hanger.

Will remain a cliff hanger and fans will not know what else will happen in Jupiters Legacy universe but if you want complete details of it then you can tell me about it by commenting.

 Also because I have told you that I have read the comic book of the entire universe of Jupiters Legacy and I know what kind of ending was done in the comic book and this show was also going to the same end.

Credit: Netflix

Reason why this show was cancelled

 So now lets come again to the point that why this show was cancelled.

 Well mostly the reason is all People know, but still there are some people who do not have any idea why such decisions are taken from the studio side and in this case Jupiter is stuck inside Netflix like other similar projects.

 The rest is due to the other Netflix project i.e. the low viewership and the bad reviews from the critics of the film from above, the negatives which turned this show far behind and the response that Netflix had expected from this show.

Not only that, and not only this, another detail also came out, which was updated by Borys Kit that Netflix had spent two hundred million on this show, which now confirms the same thing with the cancellation of this show that Netflix has suffered a huge loss.

Continue in super crooks characters

It is unfortunate that this show has been cancelled but at the same time a small hope has also been given by Mark Miller , the creator of this show, that even though this show has been cancelled but the universe of Jupiters Legacy has been given to Netflix it will still continue, but not in the name of Jupiter Legacy but in super crooks.

According to the universe of the second comic super crooks, whose story is from the universe of Jupiters Legacy but on other characters , there is a possibility that if the demand for that series becomes very high i.e. according to its different and unique concept then definitely Netflix Jupiters Legacy Will also think about that means that now you should keep your hopes on Netflixs upcoming show Super Crook and also talking about other projects of Mark Miller , that too is being made under Netflix, out of which I will already tell you the name of one project.

I have said that there is a super crooks apart from this the name of the rest of the projects is Shark The Bounty Hunter American Jesus and the magic order, all these comic books have also been written by Mark Miller all the projects on which Netflix is working i.e. maybe It is that a series should be made on some of these projects and some will be filmed.

So now what is your opinion about the cancellation of Jupiters Legacy done by Netflix and tell  by commenting down below whether this update was good for you or not.

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