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Lupin part 2 download and review

After only having to wait a few months we finally have part two of one of my favorite shows from this year lupin is it as good as part one.

This weekend’s show season two part two whatever you wanna call it  these five episodes . I was super excited for so we’re gonna talk about no spoilers in this post so this is not a game anymore assane for revenge has torn his family to pieces with his back to the wall he now has to think of a new plan even if it means putting himself in more danger and that’s what this character is good at going as far as the mission requires him to go think tom cruise and mission impossible.

 It’s just a thoroughly entertaining spy-esque show that throws us a different spin on this type of character but in season two we pick up right where part one left off a song searching for Raoul and we end up in this deserted mansion and there is a heated confrontation in that first episode but also the way that chapter six ends is such an unexpected gut punch of emotions even though the next episode sort of ties that little storyline in a bow but man they really start you out with a bang in this season.

 And not that the quality is lower in part two but part one  I think was a little bit more consistent in the pacing and the way that each episode would keep you on your toes and on edge. Part two I like the pacing quite a bit but we’re definitely slowing the story down just a bit more than part one in seven eight nine those episodes there are moments where maybe you’re wanting things to speed up just a little bit but it never compromises the quality of lupin  as a show.

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So we have to talk about omar Sy and his portrayal of this character just incredible his charisma this time around nothing has changed he’s always on top of it and whatever situation he gets himself into or he’s forced into there’s always a way out or there’s always something about where this story is going that will catch you by surprise and that’s one thing i love about this show is it’s so unexpected but you’re also so invested in the characters at this point i mean just picking up with chapter six and on the search for his son .

The tragic-esque events that happen and come into play there but we’re also flashing back and we continue to get our flashbacks in this portion of the season we’re taking a look at the in-depth character traits that makes a song this character and it does so much for our emotion towards him and i think they do an even better job in these five episodes of giving us things to attach ourselves to him as our lead character but also you know allowing us to feel that detachment from him in certain situations when he will do something or say something that may be you know better for his current mission but at the end of the day it still causes some harm around him I mean just his son getting in that situation to start with.

 Well it’s mostly because of what Lupin is doing but you also really understand why he’s doing what he’s doing and I really love that and you know even though the pacing is a little bit slower in these five episodes I do believe the character development and story growth well it’s just as important and maybe even more impactful this time around but it’s just the fresh style of this show.

 It is so freaking entertaining one thing that I love about this part is when the music builds up and really sets the mood for whatever is going on whether it be a heist whether it be the police after him this time around that’s one storyline that maybe wasn’t as prominent in this part like there is a story with the police and you know hunting down Lupin in the first episode in the second episode  you know building up to another one of his great escapes but they weren’t as integral it really focuses on omar sy and continuing his quest to avenge his father and the injustice inflicted on his family by this wealthy family continues to be a huge theme and one thing I loved about this part is I needed some answers to my questions and i needed some storylines to really tie together well and they do that  they do it to a degree where i was happy with almost everything that we got in this finale.

Even though there are definitely doors that are left open they closed a lot of them that you know I didn’t know if they were going to do that or not because I said for this show to really pay off on the level that I need it to it has to tie off some of these story lines well and it does that and some of the characters like Romain he has a huge presence in the first two episodes and then after that he just kind of drops off comes back when he is needed maybe I needed some more from those side characters that I really you know got a lot out of in part one they weren’t as prominent this time around and then of course just you know not moving maybe as quick as part one but still everything that assane got himself into I was on board with that relationship with his son was fantastic and overall I think the word to use here is satisfying as season one sets up the back story and gives his motivations.

 But season two is diving deeper into who he is and like I said the focus is really on him whereas before you know we were getting other characters and other things but this time especially after that sixth episode we really just hone in and it gives us a better idea of his mentality about everything and you have your comparisons I could throw in ocean’s 11 you could say this is like the modern day Robin hood just this legend being played out in front of our very eyes but um i think this is a really breezy easy not trying to rhyme their five episode that’s the way to do it .

This season sets aside some of the intense action to focus on building our lead character but the end result still proves to be one of the most entertaining experiences of the year Im going in 80 percent for lupin season two.

 This was one of those seasons of television that was just so easy to get through it’s one of those times where i look  at what i do and i say it’s not a job I m really enjoying what I’m doing right now this is something that i love to do and lupin is one of those shows that i really loved watching.

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