How to get mending books in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Wondering how to get mending books in Minecraft this post is going to explain where to get mending books and the best way to consistently get mending books.

What is mending and why it is the best enchantment in Minecraft

Mending is an enchantment that can go on armor tools and weapons. It will restore 2 durabilities per and or above XP.

The item has to be held or equipped for the mending to work. If multiple items have mending, one is chosen at random. If an item has full durability, the XP goes to the players totals.

Mending cannot be acquired through the enchanting table; it is a treasure enchantment this means you can only find it through chests loot, fishing, raids, and villager trading.

One thing to explain is with enchanted books there are two different kinds. The first one is a level 30 enchanted book or multiple enchantment book. These are books that have multiple different enchantments.

 The enchantments would be for weapons armors and tools this is similar to putting a book in the enchanting table where random enchantments are chosen, but it can include treasure and curse enchantments.

 The soul speed enchantment does not appear on these books as you can only get it in the nether and through piglets.

Treasure enchantments

 Treasure enchantments are frost Walker and mending. Curse enchantments are curse of vanishing and the curse of binding. These enchanted books can appear as chest flutes in jungle temple chest 4.5% of the time, stronghold altar chest 2.5% of the time, stronghold storeroom chest 4% of the time, and stronghold library chest 67.8% of the time.

 In the bedrock Edition, during raids depending on the difficulty pillagers and Vindicators have a chance at drop enchanted books at Normal difficulty it is 65% and hard difficulties 80% of them dropping loot. There is a 2/39 chance that they will drop an enchanted book from that percentage.

Another way to get a level 30 enchanted book is through fishing. With an unenchanted fishing rod, there is a 0.7% chance of getting an enchanted book.

Treasure catches

You can increase this chance by getting luck of the sea enchantment on your fishing rod. This enchantment increases your chance of getting treasure catches witch enchanted books are in, treasure caches are different than treasure enchantments luck of the sea reduces your chance of getting fish and junk catches.

The maximum level is 3. At level 3 it increases your chance of getting enchanted books from 0.7% to 1.6 percent.

mending books in Minecraft

Open seas (mending books in Minecraft)

 In the 1.16 update, there is a condition added to fishing called open seas making it harder with AFK fish farms to get treasure catches. This makes it hard to use AFK fish farms to get enchanted books. The second kind of a chanted book is a single enchantment. there are 37 different enchantments one of the enchantments is chosen.

 There is an equal chance of any enchantment being chosen. The same happens with the level of the enchantment is equally probable to have any level of the enchantment.

In chest loot these books can be found in dungeon chests 14.9% of the time, minecart chest mineshafts 14.1% of the time, desert temple chest 23.5% of the time, pillager outpost chest 11% of the time, underwater ruin chest 21.7% of the time and woodland mansion chest 14.9%  of the time.

Librarian villagers

The last way to get a single enchantment book is through the librarian villagers, the job site block for the librarian villager is the lectern. With villagers, they have 5 different levels and as you trade with them they level up gaining experience and unlocking 2 trades at each level.

At novice, apprentice, and journeyman level, the first 3 levels librarians have a 2/3 chance at each level of selling an enchanted book. At the expert level or the 5th level, there is a 50% chance of selling an enchanted book.

The trade will be between 5-64 emeralds and a book for an enchanted book. Depending on the level of being champ but the Emerald cost increases for level 1 is 5-19, level 2 is 8-32, level 3 is 11-45, level 4 is 14-58, and level 5 is 17-64 emeralds, also treasure enchantments the cost doubles.

Best way to get mending enchantment

So what is the best way of getting the mending enchantment with chests loot, fishing, and raids, the chance of getting a mending enchantment is possible but it isnt a reliable way to get mending books?

The best way is through trading with a villager. With librarians, you can change the trades until you get a mending book.

 With a novice-level librarian before youve traded with them destroying their job site block order birth them back to an unemployed villager.

 Placing down a lectern again will give them different trades. The idea is because there is a trade for an enchanted book at novice level you try to get the enchantment you want before locking the villager into its trades.

 If you traded with a villager they will be locked into those trades and cant change them besides mending this is a good way to get any enchantment you want from a librarian villager.

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