Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2 release date

Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Minecraft update post this is pre-release 2 for 1.17 and it comes to us on the same day that Mojang announced the release date for this update.

Release date

Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2

Let’s talk about what we’re here for the release date it’s been announced over on minecraft.net with the new logo and it is going to be known by the way as part 1 of the caves and cliffs and the release date is June 8th that is next Tuesday.

 Now, this article is mostly a fluff piece and it does have a joke about removing goats from the update but that is indeed just a joke.

It tells us all the additions it’s going to be available on so this update is going to be synchronous across the Xbox consoles, PlayStation 5, and 4 Nintendo switch, ios, android, windows 10, and of course our beloved java edition and that’s pretty much it for this update so remember the date June 8th is when this one drops.

Pre-Release 2

So what has changed in this pre-release well there’s been a long-standing bug in this game that smooth lighting doesn’t work underwater and now that I bring your attention to it you won’t even be able to see it because of course it’s been fixed.

Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2

This is how it used to look you can see the kind of gritty outline of all of the blocks and now the smooth lighting has been fixed to make it look so much better.

The next bug fix is one that you might have seen green encounter on the hermitcraft server there was a piece of bamboo that forever had arrows wedged into it.

It turns out that there was a despawn bug here it also applies to dripstone as well should I say pointed dripstone that the arrows could get stuck in them and never despawn this has been patched so you shouldn’t see arrows always stuck into those particular blocks.

 If you did or did not see the last pre-release let me tell you the signs have been buffed when it comes to using the glow ink sack this has been given a border that really makes the text pop out now it’s fantastic however there was an issue where if you approached it at the side the colors will sort of bleed over one another that’s been patched in this pre-release.

It was also possible to summon a fireball with an uncapped explosion power so then when you’d hit those things it would crash the game but that one’s been patched and lastly azalea leaves flowers was changed to flowering azalea leaves for consistency with flowering azalea.

For example you will see on the official website there were not a lot of bugs and there were a few more I didn’t cover but they’re mostly related to the last parts of the update cycle so we can expect to see less and fewer bug fixes in the next pre-release but I do have one more thing to show you from Twitter.

Candle Textures (Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2)

Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2

You can see in the image that jasper has been working on the textures of the candles and today shared quite a few different screenshots of some of the work that he’s been doing and I hopped into the world to check and see if these have been added but they had not in this pre-release.

So these changes might make their way into the full release or they might not I don’t know at this point but that’s it really for this post.

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