Minecraft magma block|How to get magma blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft magma block-how to get magma blocks in Minecraft

Wondering how to get magma blocks in Minecraft this post is going to explain where to find them in the overworld and in the nether. If you enjoyed this post remember to hit the share button.

Minecraft Magma Block Uses

Lets give you a quick summary of magma blocks and what they can be used for.

  • The magma block can do damage to mobs that walk on them it can be used to kill mobs and items dropped wont be destroyed by the magma blocks.
  • You can use hopper minecarts on rails underneath the magma blocks to collect the items on top of them.
  • The magma block is useful as a killing area for a farm magma blocks are used in gold farms as most mobs do not spawn on them but there are exceptions like the zombified piglin that cant spawn on magma blocks.
  • The magma blocks can be used at the bottom of a column of water source blocks to pull items or mobs down towards the magma block. This can be used as an elevator to go down in the water.

Where to find magma blocks in the overworld (Ocean Ruins)

  • They can be found as part of the ocean ruins that generate in warm-cold and frozen ocean biome.
  • There are structures that generate within the ocean ruins and magma blocks can generate 0 to 5 magma blocks. There will be drowned also occupying the ocean ruins.

Underwater Ravines and Caves  

Magma blocks can also generate at the bottom of underwater ravines these are deep long cracks in the ocean floor. These underwater ravines can be treacherous as they can pull you down into a downward bubble column to the magma blocks. Underwater caves can also generate magma blocks in them.

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Ruined Portals

Ruined portals which generate both in the overworld and nether in all biomes can generate with magma blocks.

Bastion Remnant

  • The bastion remnant is occupied by piglins, Piglin brutes,  hoglins, and magma cubs can have some magma blocks as part of the structure.
  • The bastion remnant can be found in all nether biomes except the basal delta.

Basalt Delta

  • Magma blocks are also found as part of the basal delta in the nether.
  • The basal delta can be dangerous because it is rocky terrain that is composed of black stone, basalt, lava, and magma blocks.

Magma Block veins

  • Magma blocks generate in veins in the nether.
  • A vein is a grouping of the same block.
  • There are four attempts per a chunk and magma block generates between Y- layers, meaning the vertical position in the world 27-36.
  • The veins can generate up to 32 magma blocks in a vein. The lava ocean is at layer 31.

If you stay at the same level as the lava ocean you might be able to find magma block veins by walking around the nether. 

You can also dig between layers 27 and 36 but there could be lava flows from the lava ocean.

Crafting Recipe

  • Magma blocks can be crafted from four magma creams.
  • Magma cream can be acquired by killing tiny magma cubs.
  • Magma cubs can generate in the nether fortress, basal delta, nether waste, and the mob Spawner in the treasure room of the bastion remnant.

If you need Mango blocks for a farm finding these magma block veins in the nether is the best way.

A lot of the structures that mangrove blocks generate will not give you a lot of mango blocks those amount of magma blocks could be useful if you only need a couple for an elevator.

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