Minecraft polar bear| Polar bear Minecraft tame

Minecraft polar bear| Polar bear Minecraft tame

Polar bears big white furry mobs that first made their appearance in the frostburn update of 1.10.

Although they may appear very cuddly up close they wont hesitate to desperately sink their teeth into almost any type of meal is there much to know of these adorable mobs, well lets find out.

Polar bear states

 Polar bears can exist in three different states passive, neutral, and hostile.

Baby polar bears are constantly passive and adult polar bears are neutral unless provoked.

 To provoke an adult polar bear one has to either be damaged from a near enough range or if a player walks a little too close to their cubs for too long forcing the adult polar bear to become hostile risking their own lives to protect their young attacking a cub will also provoke the adult as well.

Backing off a far enough distance will cause them to stop attacking and cautiously guard their cub.


Minecraft polar bear
Credit: youtube
  • Easy- 2 hearts
  • Normal - 3 hearts
  • Hard - 4.5 hearts

On easy difficulty, polar bears will build 2 hearts of damage per hit on normal 3 hearts and on hard a decent4.5 hearts of damage.

Despite being super furry they actually willed a decent amount of health 15 hearts to be exact.

If youre keen on tracking one down they can be found in quite the handful of cult biomes.

 These biomes include ice Plains, ice mountains, and ice spikes biomes as well as the frozen deep and regular ocean biomes from the aquatic update.

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Minecraft Polar bear cub and adult

Minecraft polar bear
Credit: minecraft wiki fandom

Killing a cub rewards no items or experience but when an adult polar bear is killed they have a good chance to drop up to two raw Cod and a small chance to drop up to two raw salmon of course a small amount of experience will drop as well.

Additionally, if a cub is attacked all nearby adults within approximately a 40-block radius will instantly become hostile regardless of the difficulty setting.

This also applies to other mobs that accidentally trigger their defensive hostility.

Attacking in adults wont cause other adults to instantly come to its aid unless youre playing on the bedrock edition of Minecraft.

However, the area of this adult aggro range decreases to an approximate 20 block radius.

Polar bear behavior

But on all editions, if polar bears see other polar bears acting hostile nearby they too will become hostile and begin to roll with the squad.

If you find yourself in a regrettable situation with an adult polar bear swimming away wont necessarily mean youre out of the water Im hilarious just yet as they can swim just as fast as a player sometimes making them a challenge to escape from.

Minecraft polar bear
Credit :youtube

Polar bear Size (Minecraft polar bear)

If youre planning on capturing polar bears note that a Cubs growth cannot be sped up its also worth knowing that polar bears cannot be forcefully bred.

Despite an adults large size, they can indeed sit in boats. I know adorable and you can still steer the boats with the polar bear uncomfortably laying across the back.

Unlike pigs for example if a polar bear dies from fire damage it will not cook its drops of food if a polar bear does find itself on fire it will quickly rush and dive into nearby water to save itself from further fiery harm a cub will also do the same.

You can force a polar bear to follow you by using a leap doing so with an adult accompanied by a cub wont prevent them from attacking.

If youre playing on peaceful difficulty, Minecraft polar bears will deal no damage and unfortunately dont naturally spawn as frequently as many other mobs may be coated that way due to their currents real-world endangered status.

As Im a huge lover of animals in general Id quickly like to raise some real-life awareness for these beautiful creatures and how starvation is slowly killing their race which is a horrible way to go not only for the adults but their cubs too.

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