Minecraft sweeping edge enchantment|what does sweeping edge enchantment do in Minecraft

Minecraft sweeping edge enchantment

Hey Minecraft lover this is meratopic and in this post, I will be talking about the sweeping edge attack and Minecraft basically what it does, what weapons you can put it on, and anything else you need to know so why don’t we get started.

So let’s talk about the sweeping edge and champion in Minecraft. Now it is obviously a sword enchantment and it’s actually a pretty useful sword enchantment at that.

So the thing to understand about the sweeping edge is basically when you attack a mob the mobs around it take less damage in the mob you’re attacking, but the thing with sweeping edges you can actually increase the amount of damage that is done to the mobs around the one you’re attacking.

Minecraft sweeping edge enchantment
Minecraft sweeping edge enchantment… Credit:minecraft.net/youtube

So here’s a table that shows this. So at level 1 sweeping edge, you do 50% damage to the mobs that are next to the one that you’re attacking, at level 2 it’s 67% and at level 3 it’s 75%.

So this is a very useful enchantment because if you’re being attacked by a large number of mobs you can just use your sword and it’ll do a lot more damage to a larger group rather than just doing a large amount of damage to one mob.

Minecraft sweeping edge enchantment
Minecraft sweeping edge enchantment..

So we put the sword in here and put the sweeping edge 3×3 and I have a normal sword and as you can see in the above image it is only doing a certain amount of damage to each one it’s not really doing a lot of damage in general to all the mobs.

You will have to switch to your sweeping edge and you saw it did a lot more damage. So it can compare with the normal sword I’m only doing 1 or 2 sweeping edges that were a lot of damage actually.

So you can see there’s a huge difference between using a sword without the enchantment compared to the sword with the enchantment so that was a sweeping edge and champion the last enchantment that I needed to go through in Minecraft.  Definitely, I would highly recommend it for a sword enchantment.

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