How to find a nether fortress in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

This post is going to explain how to find nether fortress in Minecraft. Before the Minecraft 1.16 update for the Nether, there was a specific way that nether fortresses would generate. However, with the update of the nether, the addition of nether by biomes and the bastion remnants. This changed the way nether fortresses generate.

In this post, were going to explain what the nether fortress is, how the nether fortress generates and how to find the nether fortress.

What is the nether fortress?

nether fortress in Minecraft

This is a structure found in the nether that is composed of nether bricks. It is a combination of towers, walkways, and rooms. They can be buried in a nether rack with the walkways becoming tunnels.

The Nether fortress is occupied by 5 mobs:

  • Zombified  piglins
  • Magma cubes
  • Wither skeletons
  • Blazes and
  • Skeletons

The only place to find blazes and wither skeletons in Minecraft is in the nether fortress. Blazes will drop blaze rods that can be used as fuel or crafted into blaze powder to use in brewing.

Wither skeletons can drop wither skeletons, skulls that can be used to spawn the weather. The fortress will have chests with loot and nether wart can be found at the base of staircases. The nether fortress is useful to build several farms or just if you need a few items.

How do nether fortress is generate

First off nether fortress is can be found in all nether biomes when it comes to nether fortresses, how they generate is based on a grid pattern that generates as part of the nether.

Each section of the grid is 400x80x480 in the bedrock and 432×432 in java. Each section of a grid of fortress or bastion remnant can generate in.

In Java, it is a 40% chance and in bedrock, it is a 33% chance to generate a fortress. The rest of the percentage is the chance of a bastion remnant to generate instead. Two structures will not generate in one section of the grid.

The south and east border of the grid will have a four trunk border or about 64blocks where no structure can generate.

The center of the grid is zero by zero meaning the section of the grits will increase by 480 in bedrock and 432 in java.

How do you find the nether fortress in Minecraft?

The first way you can find it is by using the locate command.

nether fortress in Minecraft

The second is by using the website and entering the seat. This will give you the coordinates of the fortresses in your seat.

If youre trying to find a nether fortress by just exploring some tips to keep in mind is that the fortress will generate at a height of 60 to 70 and the lava ocean is at a level of 30.

If you are walking at about the level of the lava ocean, it should be easy to spot the nether brick towers of the fortress. The nether fortress can be buried but parts of it should be visible outside the nether rack. Keep in mind the grid pattern.

Try to be systematic and scan in the area and if you see there is a bastion, then move on to the next part of the grid. You dont have to be exactly what the coordinates are. Just be aware of the general area youre trying to find a fortress and when you should move on.

Using striders

Strider can be found in the lava ocean when they are fed warped fungus, they can be tamed. Putting a saddle on a strider will allow you to ride them.

Using warped fungus on a stick will allow you to move the strider in that direction. The strider can be used to move through the lava and cover a lot of ground to try to find a nether fortress.

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