Where to find ore veins in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Where to find the ore veins in minecraft in this post we will talk about where to find the ore veins and what is in an ore vein. This information is accurate as of the 21w42a snapshot.

What is an ore vein

Ore vein is the new feature that consists of long streaks of either copper ore or iron ores with a filler block. There’s two different versions of the ore vein the first one is a copper one it will consist of copper ore raw copper blocks and granite. This one is found above zero meaning the vertical position in the world.

Bedrock was at zero before the 1.18 update. The copper ore has to be mined with the stone pickaxe or better and it will drop 2-5 raw copper with fortune 3 enchanted on the pickaxe and can drop up to 12 raw copper.

The raw copper blocks will contain 9 raw copper. If you mine them they will drop as a block you will have to place them into a crafting grid to get the 9 raw copper. In 1.18 deep slate starts to replace stone at 0.

Starting to see deep slate more consistently is an indication you are below zero. Below zero there is an iron ore vein that consists of iron ore, raw iron blocks and tough.

ore veins
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The iron ore has to be broken with a stone pickaxe or batter and drops one raw iron. Fortune 3 on the pickaxe can increase this to up to 4 raw iron. The raw iron block when mined will drop as a block and have to be put into the crafting grid to get the 9 raw iron.

The ore veins will snake around and can branch out. If you find a vein this can give you a large quantity of copper or iron ore. The veins are a rare feature they can be very easy to miss as they blend in with other blocks.

Where to find ore veins

The best way to find ore veins is by exploring caves. Ore veins are generated before caves so the caves can cut through the ore veins.
The best thing would be to look at the ceilings walls or floors for copper ore or iron ore. Once you mine out the blocks you should look for the other blocks in the vein.

For iron ore this is tough and raw iron blocks, for copper ore it is granite and raw copper blocks. Both tough and granite generate in those areas but having them next to the ores should make you mine around a bit to see if there is a vein.

The block that would most stand out is the raw metal blocks both raw metal blocks do not generate in the world. So this is a clear indication of an ore vein.

I would say ore veins aren’t something you should specifically be looking for but if you are caving it would be a good idea to pay attention while mining to find any unusual blocks that could lead to an ore vein.

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