How to make paper in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

How to make paper in Minecraft

Wondering how to make paper in Minecraft this post is going to explain how to get paper, where to get paper, and the crafting recipes involving paper.

Where to find paper

  • The first way to get paper is through chest loot it can be found in shipwrecks in the supply chest in the front of the boat there is a 49.4% chance of 1-12 and the shipwreck map chest which is the lower section in the back at  89.4% of 1-10.
  • In the villager cartographers chest, there is a 61.2% chance of 1-5 and in the stronghold library chest there is an 89.2% chance of 2-10% paper,  also when the player has the hero the village effect in the java edition cartographers will throw paper as a gift to the player.

How to get paper and hero of the village effect

Paper in minecraft
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To get the hero of the village effect is by first getting the bad omen effect by killing a raid captain that is found in the pillager patrol or the pillager outpost.

When you have the bad omen effect enter a village and trigger a raid. The raid will come in waves composed of pillagers evokers,  vindicators ravagers, and vexes if you win a raid you will be given a hero of the village effect.

How to get paper through sugar cane

  • The best way to get paper is through sugar cane. So sugar cane can be found next to water it grows up to 4 blocks high.
  • Sugar cane can be planted on grass, dirt, coarse dirt, podzol sand and red sand.
  • These blocks have to be adjacent to water, water-logged or frosted ice to even plant the sugar cane on the block.
  • Sugar cane will grow regardless of the light level.
  •  On average, sugar cane will grow every 16 random ticks or about 18 minutes about 1 Minecraft day once you have sugarcane.

Crafting recipe

Paper in minecraft

The crafting recipe is 3 sugarcane crafts into 3 pieces of paper.

Banner Pattern paper in Minecraft

The other crafting recipes for the paper include banner patterns. The banner pattern in the loom, you can place this pattern onto a banner in what color you want depending on the die you use.

The recipes are the same for all of the banner patterns it is a piece of paper and an object that will get you a pattern.  A creeper head will get you a banner pattern creeper, oxide daisy gets you a banner pattern flower, the wither skeleton skull to banner pattern skull, and an enchanted golden apple gets a banner pattern thing.

Crafting book paper in Minecraft

Paper in minecraft
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 Another crafting recipe is 3 paper and leather crafts a book. Books can be used in crafting recipes for enchanting tables, bookshelves,  and the book and quill.

Also can be used for trading with villagers and you can enchant books to get enchantments that you can place on tools or armor.

Cartography table

The crafting recipe for the cartography table is 2 paper and 4 wooden planks. The cartography table can be used as the job site block for the cartographer villager. It can also be used to expand maps, clone maps, and lock maps.

Firework rockets paper in Minecraft

The last crafting recipe is for the firework rockets all of a card on the top right to explain fireworks stars as there are different effects shapes and colors you can add to fireworks stars.

Paper in minecraft
Credit: youtube
  • The basic crafting recipe for a firework rocket is that is a piece of paper and gunpowder creates 3 firework rockets.
  • You can put between 1-3 gunpowder in the crafting recipe to increase the duration of the firework rocket.
  • The fireworks star can be added to the recipe to create different effects colors and shapes with fireworks stars up to 5 can be added to the crafting recipe for a firework rocket.
  •  The crafting recipe for the fireworks star is very open-ended depending on what you want to use them for.
  •  For fireworks or if you plan to use them to fly with elytra.

Village trades for paper in Minecraft

  • Paper can also be sold to both the cartographer and the librarian villagers
  • Villagers have 5 different levels of trades as you trade with them they gain experience levelling up and unlocking 2 trades at each level
  • A cartographer at novice-level the first level will buy 24 paper for an emerald.
  •  The librarian villager and novice has a 2/3 chance of having the same trade of buying 24 paper for an emerald.

How to make paper in Minecraft

To make paper in Minecraft first you need a workbench so we will guide you step by step on how you can make paper in Minecraft crafting used:

  • The cartographers table;
  • a pattern of flags of six types;
  • a book that will come in handy, for example, to increase the maximum available enchantment level;
  • an empty map (which can later be combined with a compass), which displays the area surrounding the player;
  • rockets that explode beautifully in their own way.

To create such a useful thing in everyday life, we only need reed, which grows on the banks of any water bodies, on sand or earthen blocks, as well as sod blocks. So, after collecting all of them, cut it down, and are ready to act. You need to collect at least three units of cane, otherwise crafting is not possible.


To create three units of paper, we need:

  • Cut down at least one block of wood.
  • Create four boards.
  • Create a workbench out of these planks.
  • Take a workbench in hand and place it wherever you want.
  • Go to the workbench and right-click to open the workbench menu (6 × 6 cells).
  • Place the right mouse button, which is in our inventory, the reed in the 4th, 5th and 6th cells, so that we have a line.
  • Take the finished paper from the cage to the right of the 6 × 6 square and place it in your inventory.

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