Pokemon New Gold Era| Pokemon GO Updates

Pokemon New Gold Era| Pokemon GO Updates

On February 16, the official website of Pokemon GO announced that it will undergo a major update this weekend. At that time, more than 80 kinds of new Pokémon in the Gold and Silver version will be added. In addition, the game The content will also be greatly updated, opening a number of new functions.

Pokemon GO updates 80 new genies of gold and silver generations

The updated content of this weekends Pokemon GO officially announced on the official website:

The short translation is as follows:

New Pokémon debut(Pokemon New Gold Era)

More than 80 kinds of new Pokémon will debut in Pokemon GO. These Pokémon are the first discovered Pokémon in the City Capital Area, the story stage of Pokémon Gold and Silver. In addition, including the Pokémon captured so far, the gender of Pokémon will also be implemented. Some female and male Pokémon have slightly different appearances.

Pokemon New Gold Era

New evolution

Among the Pokémon that have appeared in Pokemon GO, some of the Pokémon can be further evolved. Evolution items can be obtained at PokeStops.

Pokémon capture mode changes

After the update, if the player discovers and attempts to throw a ball to catch a Pokémon, they may find that some Pokémon have different actions from the past. In addition, the new function button in the capture interface allows players to more easily switch between Pokeball or Fruit directly on the capture screen.

Brand new fruit

Two new tree fruit types have been added. In addition to the original cranberry (Razz Berries), players in the future can also get Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries at the station. Banana-flavored fruit can slow the movement of Pokémon and make it easier to hit the pokeball; while pineapple fruit can make the next drop of the ball successfully caught and double the number of candies.

Enrich the trainer’s dressing function

The trainer will add new dress-up items. In addition to hats, clothes, pants, shoes, backpacks, details such as glasses and belts will also be adjusted. Some of the dress-up items can be purchased through Pokecoins.

There are more new Pokémon content of GO, you can click on the search Pokémon GO be concerned about, oh.

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