How to repair elytra in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Wondering how to repair elytra in Minecraft this post is going to explain the enchantments for elytra items you need to repair elytra and how to repair elytra in Minecraft.

Elytra is the single item in survival mode that you can use to fly. Elytra is an item that cannot be crafted in the game. The only way to get it is by finding an end ship in the end and going into the treasure room where it can be found in an item frame guarded by a shocker.

Elytra durability

Elytra has a durability of 432. Durability is the number of uses before it is depleted. The durability will go down by 1 for every second you fly with the elytra. On average it takes 7 minutes and 12 seconds with unenchanted elytra for the durability to be used. Flying for this long is equivalent to traveling 10,000 blocks.

With elytra when it reaches 1 durability. The elytra will stop working until it is repaired. The texture of the elytra will be changed to tattered. The damage ends at a durability of 1. So elytra can never fully break. One thing you can do is increase the durability or at least reduce durability is by placing enchantments on the elytra.

The unbreaking enchantment decreases the chance of durability being used and can be put on the elytra through the anvil and an enchanted book. The enchanting table cant be used to get enchantments on the elytra.

There are 2 different formulas for unbreaking one is for armor and the other one is for tools. Even though elytra goes in an armor slot it uses the tool formula for unbreaking. The formula is 100 divided by bracket enchantment level + 1.

The maximum level of them breaking is 3. At level 3 there is a 25% chance of durability being used when flying with elytra. Unbreaking 3 will decrease the durability by 1 every 4 seconds on average. This means that flying with elytra without breaking 3 can last 28 minutes and 44 seconds before being depleted.

The mending enchantment for repairing elytra

One way of repairing the elytra is with the mending enchantment. The mending enchantment is a treasure enchantment that can only be obtained through chest loot, fishing, or villager trading.

How it works is it restores 2 durabilities per orb of XP. The elytra have to be in the main hand, offhand or be worn for mending to work. If you have multiple items with mending one is chosen at random.

Another option is if you have 2 damaged elytra you can combine them together either in the anvil or the grindstone. This will combine them into 1 elytra and add the durability of both together.  Using the anvil to do this will combine the enchantments and keep them.

The grindstone gives a 5% bonus in durability but will remove any enchantments and gives you a small amount of XP.

repair elytra in Minecraft

Phantom membrane to repair elytra

The last way to repair elytra is to use a phantom membrane and the anvil or grindstone 1 phantom membrane can restore 108 durabilities or 25 of elytra. The phantom membrane can be acquired by killing the phantom. When you kill a phantom they drop 0-2 phantom membranes.

The looting enchantment for the sword can increase the chance of dropping items when killing a mob. With phantom, it increases the chance of getting 1 phantom membrane per enchantment level.

The maximum enchantment level is 3. At looting 3 you could get 0-5 phantom membrane from killing a phantom.

How phantoms spawn (repair elytra in Minecraft)

For phantom to spawn, you have to be awake for 3 days in Minecraft or about an hour. This number will reset if you die or go to sleep. The phantom wont spawn if there is a block above you blocking light.

In the java edition, it has to be at night or thunderstorm and the player has to be at sea level or y=64 the vertical position in the world.

 In bedrock, phantoms can spawn between y=1-129. But less likely at extremes and most likely at y=75. Also, they spawn in bedrock at light level 7 or below.

One way to get phantom membranes without killing phantoms is with tamed cats.  Stray cats can be found in villages with 1 villager and 4 beds. To tame the cats either use raw cod or salmon. With tamed cats, they will give you gifts in the morning. This can range in different items but 1 is the phantom membrane.

Tamed cats have a 3.22% chance of gifting a phantom membrane in the morning.

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