Roblox: 10 best games to play with your friends

Hey, fellas, whats Poppin Roblox giant here today were going to be talking about the top 10 best Roblox games to play with friends in 2022.

If you dont have a friend yet then maybe youre just bad at making one come and play one of these games and interact with people all over the world.

1. Froggy

The froggy(credit: ROBLOX)

Froggy is a comedy horror game well its kinda hard not to describe but not easy to tell either. This is a hide-and-seek game against the cursed and homicidal.

Its a round-based game in which roles are separated in two the survivors and the killer.

Froggys a pretty fun game and if you enjoy games like piggy and granny youll pretty much like this game a lot.

2. Would you Rather Sim

would you rather sim(Credit: Roblox)

Would you rather sim is a game where youll be choosing your side and literally fight your own choice and stand by it?

Pretty much just like pick a side, it offers a pretty similar experience with all the weapons and gears and stuff available in the Roblox.

In each round, two sides will be given two choices to choose from. For example:

  • Option one be a robot
  • Option two be an alien

After making sure of your choices you must eliminate each member of the opposing team and secure victory for your team.

As of now, there are 19 different weapons in this game.

There are also features like Obby special games where you can earn 10 every time you complete it as well as a Spleef minigame.

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3. Color Block Tower

color block tower(credit:roblox)

Color block tower is a round-based survival game. The mechanics are simple just run to the color displayed in the game and youll win.

Pretty easy right, wrong youre more likely to lose a lot more than youll win in this game think Im wrong go and play this game to find out.

4. Super Golf

super golf(credit:roblox)

 Super Golf is probably one of the best golfing games in Roblox. Youre going to be playing against other players on a variety of exciting courses.

Playing these courses will unlock cool rewards in which you can customize everything that the game can allow, and compete to be among the very best golfers in the game.

The private servers are free and you can always play with your friends.

 The private Cerner owners of this game have access to the hidden admin panel.

This game offers weekly challenges; daily challenges and more completing these challenges will grant awesome rewards and items.

Theres also a shop in the game where you can buy custom bells, hats, effects, cheers, emotes, and colors you can also spend your Roblox to earn perks and flex them.

5. Summer Camp Hangout

the summer camp hangout(credit:roblox)

I dont know about you guys but summer camp hangout is one of the hottest games to play with your friends right now.

Explore a large island alongside your bro and sis. This game has pretty much no objectives at all and is merely a hangout and role-playing game.

This game is meant to simulate a modern version of the old hangout games.

Whats interesting is that in this game there are many elements of the game inspired by the clear skies of Milwaukee but Ive never been to Milwaukee myself.

So for the stuff that can be found in this game here are the things you can do:

You can change your RP name, everyone has five gears which are marshmallows on a stick, lamps, cola, burgers, and sandwiches.

Avatar editors are also available and this is where youll spend most of your time especially if you have some fashion sense.

This game also explores and features basic human actions and animations. Overall its a pretty sweet island experience there are a lot of trees, beaches, and mountains to explore.

This game is divided into local places such as the campsite, cave, tent camping, lake, and theatre.

There are also secrets on the island that are waiting for you to explore go check them out.

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6. The Math Obby

math obby(credit:roblox)

The Math Obby is a pretty unique and exhilarating obstacle course game.

This game will test not only your logical skills through the use of mathematics but also your cognitive thinking skills by dumping you in an obstacle course a unique one at that.

The game offers 40 unique stages each offering a unique and fun learning and fun playing experience.

The most challenging part of this game isnt the questions but remaining in focus while also solving the problems.

There are 40 stages each divided into the four main operations in mathematics.

There are 10 additional courses 10 subtraction hobbies 10 multiplication rooms and 10 division stages the smartest and the fastest ones always finish the game first.

7. Vehicle Legends

vehicles legends(credit:roblox)

Vehicle Legends is an open-world x-free roam game. A simulator game at that is pretty much just like a vehicle simulator but like you can also own boats, motorcycles, and even aircraft.

That is its edge over other games here.  Youll have to build your way up to the top in this game.

Navigate the map and race through the available tracks the more money youll earn the better your cars will be and the better chances youll have of winning the games.

Use your money to buy new and better vehicle car shows, upgrades, and car customizations.

The map is hella big its an open-world driving game after all plus they also have a separate map for racing which is an actual racing track.

There are also scattered race tracks around the city good luck riding big or riding home.

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8. The Mimic

The mimic(credit:roblox)

the mimic is an exciting old horror game where youre gonna be playing and trying to look for a missing group of friends your friends but were talking horror games here.

So were gonna have to dive into a mysterious world full of scary monsters and all that. The story game is pretty scary especially since its in first person and I would say that I hope you dont miss out on much.

9. TNT Rush

TNT rush(credit:roblox)

TNT Rush is an action-packed and explosive remaster of the original TNT rush.

Its a fast-paced action game where youre going to be battling not just your friends but also your enemies.

This game features a whole lot of exciting gameplay in which youll have to stay on the TNT without falling.

There are various stages in the game as well as various game modes for a variety of gameplay experiences.

 There are also cosmetics, customizations, and over 50 different skins, trail effects, perks, bonuses, and lastly gears.

The map is pretty diverse and has a wide selection of them. Some even feature the classic Roblox maps this is a pretty dope game go on and play it if you think you can make it.

10. Venom

Venom (Credit:roblox)

 Venom this game is the most dedicated Roblox basketball experience that youll find in this genre.

The gameplay wise the UI is very decent there are various keys for different maneuvers like pressing the c-button to do a crossover and t to dunk the ball.

You gotta make sure that youre in proximity for those buttons otherwise youre just gonna miss and flounder around.

The maps I can say are very fleshed out in detail. The practice map even has a waiting room where you can see the players practicing which is pretty immersive.

It would be kind of boring seeing your friends play and then youre just sitting there doing nothing sounds like a certain game that we all know.

The gameplay can be very detailed considering its unpopular right now but we could change that.

Lets go play this game and see what its like play phenom. Right now there are three modes to choose from the quick match, playground, and practice.

Go play it with your friends and break their ankles or legs or something i mean isnt that the movie quote you get my point.

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