Roblox Brookhaven| RP Hospital Alien Update(Brookhaven Electric Secret)

Roblox Brookhaven

Welcome back to a brand new post of Brookhaven if you have not got your ring bell blue limited edition, well I mean you cant get it anymore its gone, dude. Yeah, guys remember guys how I said it was limited no longer can get this hoodie.


 Guys so whoever have it if youre reading you got one its cool but dont worry guys if you didnt get this drop well probably have some more drops in the future. Possibly maybe I cant say now about all that.


Now today let me tell you theres a lot of stuff going on in Brookhaven,  harry potter needs a family, everybody, well guys this is not what is intended for this blog.

we got to harry potter, into a creepy room in the police office. So yeah thats exactly what were doing guys. I know a lot of people probably have already seen the blog that Ive done regarding the creepiness that is everything you know.

Secret room and then harry potter needs a family. Okay that creeped me out for a second all right guys so basically once you go in the secret room above the police office we already know this Ive already made a blog covering this but what were talking about today is, of course, the hospital alien.

 The alien thats on the second floor of the hospital being all creepy and such well theres something that changed with the alien that is sort of crazy.

 I am not gonna lie so let me tell you and get the secret blue key card thats going to allow us to get into Brookhaven electric.

Okay so after taking the blue key card go to the electric turn on the power because it is part of this.

 Yeah, you have to have the power on for this to make a little bit more sense. so thats what you have to do and good its just good to walk through this.

 So yeah guys hopefully this clears up a lot for you there okay so essentially the alien in the hospital got updated of all things that would get updated in this. Alongside the whole electricity and everything I never expected the alien to get updated.

The Passcode

 Now we got a lot to talk about that a lot more details to talk about the alien. A lot of people are probably like what led are you even talking about. Dude so yeah were gonna get into all that you have to go there and put in the passcode real quick.

 The passcode is your username, well if somebody already flipped it for you then what do you know then that will be pretty easy for you so you have to flip that switch. If it is not already flipped and what that is going to do is enable all the buttons throughout Brookhaven it turns them green.

 Now you guys know theres a lot of mysterious buttons we covered a lot of it. In some of our previous blogs, theres like five or six buttons scattered throughout Brookhaven and probably one or two that we havent even found yet, but we do know there is one in the police stationthe mayors office, the fire station, the hospital and theres another one somewhere I believe but there is one in the second floor of the hospital right next to the alien and thats where it starts getting a little bit concerning.

Now I honestly question what wolf pack is doing a lot of times it gives me a lot of like my curiosity starts spawning because brook evens kind of sly with the updates.

The release date of these updates and some of the things that are included in these updates like are you kidding me did anyways guys we made a whole blog post dissecting how and were the only alien in Brookhaven at the moment that we believe is in Brookhaven and that is of course up there.

 Now a lot of people believe this was a zombie and right now thinking like I thought that was a zombie kind of hitting towards the zombie apocalypse.

Little green man

 Well in the actual game this weird little green man is kind of referencing an alien. Of course in the game falls he is called Elliott. It just says alien thats what he is now could this be could they have just used this alien model for what would be a viewable sense or maybe a zombie.

 I highly doubt it but guys Im not sure what wolf pack is intended for this little green man here but I definitely think Im calling him an alien for now because thats what he has referenced that was into the game files.

I wish I could press those buttons and it would do something so bad because I want to know what the heck this is about dude. What the heck is this about the mystery just gets deeper and deeper like I still feel like theres probably one or two things that are pretty major that we havent found in this update or didnt get maybe we covered most of this update,

Mystery button

 But I cant seem to agree with that though because why would wolf pack be I put a key card so you can turn the electricity on but when you turn the electricity on and the buttons change college it does nothing that would make no sense.

harry potter

  That would make no sense you have to get some water and while I think about this because that just makes no I wonder what happened to harry potter by the way you should go and check up on harry potter.

Random lobby man

  I joined a random lobby man he got the blue ring the bell merged oh jay works out the audio. So how are people finding me like Im literally in a random lobby how are you guys in here right now oh my god should I ask him if theyve seen have you seen harry potter.

 Oh my god, have you seen harry potter we need to have you seen harry potter dude that was so unplanned and a surprise I thought there was just like some rando billionaire right?

Come hold on what did they do they know does someone know I mean if you can take me to harry potter thatd be great.

I would love to see harry potter again I feel bad because I was going to adopt her or something.

Let me go in here though for a second guys why cant I press this lets go into the secret here the criminal base.

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