When do guys start to miss you after a breakup?

Signs that your ex boyfriend hurts Today were gonna talk about the five biggest signs that your ex-boyfriend is hurting after a breakup now this may be kind of a weird place to start this blog post but theres one important gender difference that I think you need to understand about how men handle breakups and women handle breakups you see our research has found that men are more likely to avoid and push themselves away from a breakup and women are more likely to obsess and ruminate about a breakup so when we go through the five signs that your ex is really hurting through this breakup you may find a common pattern develop the pattern of avoidance lets begin.

1) Sign number one ( Signs that your ex boyfriend hurts)

Your ex unfollow you or unfriend you on social media but remember when it comes to men they are more likely to avoid the breakup as opposed to obsessing about the break-up so when you look at all these signs the common theme that develops is avoidance and on following in unfriending you on social media definitely fits that theme but what is actually going on in their head are they doing this unfriending or unfollowing you on facebook for example to hurt you to make you angry well I think more than anything its not about hurting you and making you angry although I will not doubt that some men do that I think its more about them by unfriending you it is their subtle way of pushing you away because they cant physically push you away in the real world so theyre doing it in the digital world.

2) Sign number two (Signs that your ex boyfriend hurts)

They delete all of your pictures together on social media again here we stick with the theme of avoidance so rather than seeing pictures if you constantly pop up when they look through their newsfeed on Facebook or go through their profile on Facebook they decide to remove the temptation of looking at any of your pictures together entirely but many women when they see that the pictures of them have been deleted they take it as if they are forgetting the entire relationship but more than anything is theyre doing it for their own well-being they cant stand to look at pictures of you two being happy together because it is hurtful and painful to them no I do want to say that if youre going through this situation.

3) Sign number three

Your ex is quick to anger again I want to reiterate the 15 behind many of these signs that your ex is going through a breakup and hurting is the fact that theyre trying to distract and avoid from dealing with you and often times when you are dealing with an ex who is quick to anger its because youre actually talking to them so theyre not allowed to distract and avoid which is their common frame of mind on how to deal with your breakup so they often will lash out at you because you again are the source of their anger weve all heard that phrase that when emotions run high logic runs low but really when youre going through a breakup your ex is trying to distract and avoid and when you get those two forces together and youre trying to talk and make yourself feel better.

4) Sign number four

Your ex purposely shows up to places that you frequent now there will always be a certain segment of men who after failing to distract and avoid the breakup have no choice but to confront it and thats when they actually switch gears and start ruminating and obsessing about the break-up like most women now when this happens they want to find a way to put themselves in a place that you are frequent to but the thinking here is that if they can manufacture a destiny in which the two of you run together maybe they will feel better about themselves now the important thing to understand is its all about themselves and not about you thats kind of an important distinction you need to make when youre dealing with anyone in relationships.

5) Sign number five

Obsessive thoughts and cravings here are where we come full circle your ex maybe has started out by distracting and avoiding himself from the break-up just like we were talking about in sign four and they are going to blow up your phone that many times ask you questions conversations lasts longer than normal try to make conversations interesting there are so many things that can happen when you get hungry for something or have a food craving you want nothing else but that one thing and when you cant have that one thing it makes you want that one thing, even more,relationships down to food cravings over talking to you so if all of a sudden you see them start off by distracting and not responding to your text messages and then they all of a sudden respond to every text message and begin starting conversations by themselves.

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