20 simple Minecraft hacks for the 1.17 cave update

20 simple Minecraft hacks for the 1.17 cave update caves and cliffs brings a bunch of new features to the game and with those changes comes even more creative ways to use them.

 So today lets see some of the coolest uses for the new additions to your world.

Number 1:  Pillaring

Pillaring can be a crucial form of escape in Minecraft that is until youve got something like a spider on your tail and then its an open invitation. So if youre looking to escape without leaving around a big eyesore then maybe try the softer approach.

 Through the help of powdered snow buckets its possible to place a block and then grab it for reuse. Meaning with a bit of practice we can pillar in the game using just powdered snow blocks granted youll have to remember to carry around a set of leather boots.

 So you dont sink in but the payoff is pretty nice and as long as you dont freeze to death then this pair of powder might just be able to get you out of danger.

 Number 2 : The red stone

One-way doors are a very cool concept but if your red stone know-how is as bad as mine then they can be tough to build so instead of pulling your hair out 1.17 actually gives a much simpler solution.

You see the way the drip leaf plant works just the right amount of weight will cause it to bend in the given direction and that folks gives us just enough time to cross through the entrance and wind up right on the other end of the hallway only to look back and see that the drip leaf returns right back to normal.

 Now sure someone could just break this but you could say the same for any door and even with that problem this still might be the most compact lock system I have  seen.

Number 3 The kit

If youve ever played on a faction server then youre well unaware the kits are all the rage but until recently they havent had a solid vanilla counterpart.

 Though that all changes with the bundle item now through the help of the give command its fully possible for map makers to give players a fully decked out and named kit .

There are even command generators to easily arrange the grid. So if someone happens to die in the arena getting them a fresh starter kit could be just as simple as this and not to mention its quite the stylish solution.

So I wouldnt be surprised if we were to see something like this in a future diversity map and personally id love to see that.

Number 4: The new lava

It can often be tough to make an inescapable trap in Minecraft especially when they got end game gear though the new lava cauldrons might just give us the perfect solution.

 Now by themselves they behave just as regular lava but when partnered with honey blocks these become a lot more dangerous.

 Since youre still affected by the honeys sticky qualities while youre in the cauldron the player cant jump out of the pot to save themselves.

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Number 5 : Skeleton Spawners

Skeleton spawners are a valuable asset to have on hand but were now able to upgrade this good thing into something even better.

 Now by adding in powdered snow were able to turn our skeleton farm into a stray spawner.

How much these slow skeletons can drop and thats all upsides folks especially when all it takes to make the change is just some powdered snow and cobwebs and at that point its a no-brainer.

 So if youre looking for an upgrade in the new update then I highly recommend checking out raiseworks design on the sort to bring your spawner up to peak performance simple Minecraft hacks.

 Number 6: Insta mine tools

insta mine tools are usually something we associate with late game. I mean most of the time youre not even getting this without haste 2 and efficiency 5 or you could just use bonemeal.

 No joke with the new moss feature its possible to turn stone and deep slate into some of the easiest blocks to break in the game and from there you dont even need a nether right pickaxe just a stone hoe is all you need to dig the blocks.

So as we start spending a lot more time clearing out the depths below it might be worthwhile to bring some of this compost down in the caves and besides you cant even insta-mine deep slay with a beacon so this is no doubt the best option to use.

Number 7: The desert location

 In a lot of ways deserts can make great locations for bases you dont have to worry about constant weather changes and there are so many different sandstone blocks that theres plenty of variety to choose from.

 Though their oasis qualities leave something to be desired. I mean whod want to live in a place with grass  I understand its accurate but most of the time it just looks gross.

 Though while the grass color map isnt changing anytime soon we do have a new green block to play with through the help of the moss block we can make desert grass that actually looks green and lush and  the same goes for using azalea leaves instead of the regular ones and needless to say this is what you should be growing.

 Number 8: Waterlogged blocks

 waterlogged blocks offer up a ton of interesting ideas worth trying and while there are no shortage of positives you can do with the soak stuff.

 1.17 might just offer up my favorite option a toggleable spike trap now when a drip stone is on the ground its obviously not something to mess with but add a few drops of water and now its safe to land on.

 Meaning if you were to add something  to your fall pit down to the mines you could just as easily switch it off for whoever follows you down there and just like that way it  seemed like a safe fall for you turns into one that theyll never forget.

  At that point you can take their stuff and leave the mines with even more of a profit.

 Number  9: Cake horse ladders

If youre looking for a quick way to the mountaintops then cake horse ladders work plenty fast. I mean in the past when we tested the fastest way to sky limit this method ranked up in the top 5 best.

 But now we can make this staircase even faster through the help of drip stones by alternating between drip stone and partially eaten cake were able to get an even steeper incline that just climb up and see at some crazy speeds sure its gonna take a while to get all the resources to do this.

 So if youre looking to eat a bunch of cake then this investments gonna pay off and its also the perfect combination of weird and practical which that alone is worth a try.

Number 10: The developer map

Ask any game developer its quite the task to make sure players dont get lost and minecraft builds are no different.

So if youre looking to develop a map that doesnt leave your friends wandering around aimlessly then you might need to use a couple of the glowing item frames that way you can put in items like stairs to serve as illuminated arrows in the dark.

So that even in the dimmest part of your underground base its easy to see which way theyll follow.

Number 11: Drip leaf

Making Minecraft builds automatic can often be a tough problem to solve at the very least its not usually that compact but drip leaf might just be the golden opportunity.

 Now clearly when you stand on that for too long theyre sure to give way to gravity but what you might not know is that if you stand put just like such then its possible to use this as a time trap door and put the player right into a crawl position.

So if you took that time to wait around you might just notice that the entrance to a crawl space was right underneath eye level and folks this is just barely scratching the surface for an implementation and ill leave the rest for creative people like you.

Number 12: Mob proofing

 Whether youre playing on easy or hard mode mob proofing is an essential chore on your to-do list and while light level can work that isnt as much of an option in the neither.

So if youre trying to get piglets to stop spawning in your travel tunnels or next to your fortress farm then an easy to get solution is a moss carpet.

 Now initially it might seem ridiculous to try and put vegetation next to lava but apparently moss carpet doesnt burn making it pretty ideal for the lava landscape.

 Though id be remiss if i didnt mention that even though this doesnt burn next to lava flowing lava will still break these the same as flow and water but as long as you keep that in mind youll be safe or safer at least.

Number 13: Candle

 The candle is one of the most popular features in the first part of the caves and cliffs update and thankfully mojin decided to add these back in after temporarily removing them.

Because while they obviously have applications for lighting it might be even more useful as a weird decoration like we can do with bees whether thats a swords hilt a stick of dynamite or raindrops from a cloud this offers up so many possibilities for the building community .

Specially with the way that we get a new texture whether theyre lit or not and while theres plenty we can do  I think its going to be tough to top the snail design.

Number 14: Drip stone

Whether  youre playing a game a manhunt or trying to prank your friend everyone loves a good trap and with the help of the drip stone fallen entity we can make a particularly effective one as its coated a drip stone falling from height of 40 blocks will do the maximum amount of damage.

 Though as soon as it goes through an end portal that fall height doesnt reset but rather whoever goes through the gate next meet quite the deadly surprise on the other end even with a diamond helmet the odds are that your friends still gonna  get skewered the same way.

 So if youre looking to make the end off limits then a couple of stalagtites might just finish the job.

Number 15: Bone meal

We all know bone meal can be a very useful tool to have but sometimes getting enough of it can be a real hassle so to keep your farms fueled and supplied going forward how about we get a bit more creative and turn stone right into bone meal.

 I know that sounds crazy but as members of the community have found out we can use the new moss functionality to turn stone generators into bone meal farms .

Granted were still in the pretty early stages of the designs but the concept is there and just like that weve got a self-sustainable bone meal farm thats sure to provide plenty more for your farms in the future.

 Number 16: The caves and cliffs

 Now obviously the caves and cliffs update has us spending a lot more time in the dark depths below but thats the thing even with the new glow lichen on the walls lighting up these caves is still a mega task.

 So why dont we try night vision potions instead though thats got its own issue potions dont stack so theyre going to take a lot of room.

 So instead of sacrificing storage for bottles why dont we just use night vision arrows instead after you craft a chunk of those you can simply hit yourself with a dose and get right back to exploring.

Sure its a bit more painful but thats a small price to pay for seeing in the dark and a stack will give you plenty of time to do that .

Number 17: Make realistic looks

Making your builds look realistic is not an easy task by any means for one Minecraft doesnt behave realistically so its often tough to replicate that in the game.

Though it only takes one look to the building community to solve that problem with some ingenuity for instance say you want a build to look desecrated and destroyed well clean stone bricks dont exactly show that but by mixing in some of the new deep slate and blackstone blocks.

You can get some pretty convincing charred and ruptured bricks and really this just gets me excited for all the cool things we can do with the new stone blocks below because with even more gradients for stone the creativity can crank up to the nines and from there that experimentations up to you.

 Number 18:  Biome (simple Minecraft hacks for the 1.17 cave update)

Terraforming a biome is not a simple task which is too bad because there really are some great results to changing around and creating your own custom biomes.

 So why dont we try and find the easy way out so for the sake of an example how about we try to take the grey hues out of a mushroom fields biome make them a bit more colorful and for that moss is a classic candidate.

Since the block loves to replace the ones around it all we need is a ton of bone meal and plenty of dedication to get the job done and just like so we can transform fungus to flora and make this biome a lot more lush to see and hopefully the mooshrooms will like it as much as we do.

 Number 19 : Bamboo barricade

When 1.14 rolled around bamboo gave us a very solid way to defend our bases from enemies with its weird hitbox were able to walk through just fine but the mob ai struggles a bit to make it past the shoots which is great.

 But a bamboo barricade doesnt fit in every build so luckily weve got something a bit more metal to use instead through the help of the copper lightning rods we can place a couple of these down and get ourselves a mob proof gate and hey if you think about it they basically turn into an electric fence as well.

 Though maybe thats better at fending off zombies than creepers but with a cat to keep those away this safety solution is definitely worth a try.

 Number 20: Cannons

 Cannons are nothing new to minecraft whether thats launching tnt at a pirate ship ender pearls to the horizon or even arrows to the dragon weve all seen these before.

But who would have expected that an update about caves would give us the perfect projectile for the skies well through the help of slime blocks drip stone is just that.

When broken off of its ceiling its possible to bounce this fallen entity towards your enemies and make some pretty scary artillery is it the most practical I am not exactly sure.

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