How to find a slime chunk in Minecraft|Easiest and simple way

Wondering how to find a slime chunk in Minecraft. This post is going to explain where to find slime chunks, how slime spawn, and the slimes behavior in Minecraft.

Slime requires 2 vertical transparent blocks to spawn with and an opaque block below them. The space must be clear of obstructions and liquids.

For a big slime, they require a 3×2 5×3 area to spawn medium require a 3x2x3 area and a small require a 1x2x1 area.

The slime does not spawn within twenty-four (24) blocks spherically of a player and they despawn over time if no player is within 32 blocks. They despawn instantly if no player is within the despawn radius of 44-128 in java edition and in bedrock it has a similar distance.

Where the slime spawn

Slime spawns in 2 different locations in Minecraft:

(i) Swamp biome

The first is in the swamp biome they spawn between y layers y being the vertical position in the world 50-70 in light level 7 or below.

They also only spawn in swamps, not swamp hills one factor was slime spawning is regional difficulty this number can be seen when you hit f3. The regional difficulty is a number between 0-6.75 that depends on the time you spent in a chunk of daytime in the world and the phase of the moon.

The higher the regional difficulty the more likely they are to spawn bigger slimes, another factor in spawning slimes and swamps is they are affected by the moon. In Minecraft, there is a cycle of 8 different moons with different moonlight each night.

A full moon is when you can see the entire moon. The slime is more likely to spawn when the moon is a new moon this is when you can only see the moon as a white outline of a square the slimes will not spawn.

(ii) Slime chunks

The second spot is slime chunks. Chunks are 16×16 areas that make up the world in Minecraft. A slime chunk means slime can spawn below layer 40 and they can spawn at any light level.

Slime chunks also do not appear in the mushroom field biomes about 1 in every 10 chunks in Minecraft.

Where to find slim chunk in Minecraft

slime chunk in Minecraft

I will suggest the easiest way to find a slime chunk is to use First find the seed of the world by hitting backslash seed, go to the apps find the slime chunk finder, put the seed in the top, and choose the version of the game you are playing.

The green spots will be the slime chunks and at the bottom, there will be x and z coordinates of that slime chunk. if you dont want to find a slime chunk one idea would be to dig below layer 40 then dig a tunnel that is 3×3 and dig about 10 chunks long or 160 blocks.

You might actually have to dig longer than this as is possible you might not hit a slime chunk also make sure the tunnel is lit up to reduce the possibility of other mobs spawning and making slimes more likely to spawn you should also segment the different chunks by using gates.

This way you can figure out which specific chunk they spawned in also when youre digging this tunnel make sure that youre in one chunk and not digging in multiple chunks at the same time, then walk through that tunnel and see if you can find any slime spawning at any spot.

Slime chunk in Minecraft

The slime is a hostile mob and will attack the player there are 3 different sizes of slimes big, medium, and small.

  • The big slime has a health of 16 and their attack strength is 3 on easy, 4 on normal and 6 on hard.
  • The medium size slimes have 4 health and the attack strength is 2 on easy, 2 on normal and 3 on hard.
  • The last is the small slimes whose health is 1 and their attack strength is 0 at all difficulties.

 Slimes move by jumping they move about ½ or ½ seconds. The slime searches for the player otherwise they will try to attack iron golems or snow golems within a 16 block spherical distance.

If you dont find a target they will weigh 10 or 30 ticks change directions 57 degrees left or right and jump forward continuing the process.

 The slime will continue to jump even when a player is not nearby the slimes jump distance depends on their size they jump slightly farther than their length.

 Big slimes are about 2 blocks medium are 1 and smaller ½  block when they land small particles will disperse from them.

Slimes swim

Slimes can swim in the water and attempt to swim to the surface if the slimes are forced to stay submerged they will drown splitting into smaller slimes and then they will repeat this until they become slime balls.

Slimes climb

Slimes can climb ladders and scaffolding slimes attack speed is twice that of any other melee combat mobs. A zombie for example can only hit once per second while slime can hit twice per second.

Killing a large slime

When you kill a large slime it will break into smaller slimes it can spawn 2-4 slimes equivalent to its size divided by two rounded downs.

Killing a small slime

 When the small slime is killed they can drop 0-2 slime balls this can be increased with the looting enchantment for the sword. The maximum level is 3 each enchantment level means theres one more possible slime ball drop.

At level 3 looting you could get between 0-5 slime balls from killing a small slime.

 Slimes will also drop 1xp for small, 2xp for medium, and 4xp for big. It is possible to get 28xp for killing a big slime and all the other levels of slime.

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